As us kinksters know, fetish wear and BDSM equipment can often be super expensive. Follow our how-to guide on kink on a budget and finding affordable sex toys, and you'll be able to play dirty without breaking the bank.


Looking online at the price of fetish wear and BDSM accessories, you may find that they're costly and out of your budget. Rope and other bondage  equipment can cost a small fortune, so you'll need to shop around if you want to live out your fantasies in real life with some more affordable sex toys.


The most affordable sex toys? DIY!

The local DIY store is a great way to find kinky accessories. Firstly, you can find rope and bondage equipment at low prices. Do make sure that the rope will not chafe or cause friction burns though. If you have good carpentry skills, you can also build bondage equipment very cheaply. It's not that difficult to make a St. Andrew's cross, for example, and you can find guides on how to do this online.

As well as rope and wood, you can also find other useful things for BDSM bondage. For example, many DIY shops sell padlocks and chains. Just remember to keep the key in a safe place!


Affordable sex toys and french maid costume
Affordable sex toys and role play costumes can be found in unexpected places.

Fancy dress stores

Fetish wear and bondage outfits can cost a pretty penny online. Luckily, your local fancy dress shop can provide a cheaper, and perhaps more convenient, alternatives. Many different outfits are available for BDSM or fantasy role play.

A good gimp suit can cost over a few hundred euros. However, there's no need to go for the leather or rubber alternative. You can find gimp suits, or bodysuits, in lycra, from fancy dress shops, which will cost significantly less. You can cut holes for nipples or genitals, allowing easy access for play, or torture, depending upon how kinky you are.

If you're into role play, then a French maid or nurses uniform can cost a small fortune online, but you can save a great deal of money by buying a version of these classic kinky outfits from a fancy dress shop. These are often of similar quality to the online version. Superhero fetish is becoming a lot more popular, with the success of films like X-Men. By shopping around, you can find superhero outfits in fancy dress shops which will allow you to act out your power fantasies without doing undue harm to your wallet.

Vintage shops

Vintage or second-hand shops are a great way to extend your kinky wardrobe. Classic clothes, such as corsets and long gloves, are an excellent purchase for any budding dominatrix. However, look beyond the clothing area to see what else you might be able to find. Besides fetish wear, you can also find affordable sex toys in items such as hairbrushes and riding crops, which can make a great impression on a firm bottom. The quality of clothes you can get from a vintage shop is often better than you can find online. You can also find some classic items that can be put into service in the bedroom.

So, there's no need to feel excluded from the kinky, BDSM or role-play scene just because times are hard. In these austerity times, all you need to do is shop around for affordable sex toys, make your own fetish wear and be creative.

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