From humble beginnings, Taylor St Claire grew into a genuine porn star and a fetish icon. But whatever happened to her? We investigate how this femdom lover of bondage, rubber and leather can now be found working her magic behind the camera


If you're interested in fetish, then you're sure to have come across the extensive and esoteric works of Taylor St Claire. She started from very humble beginnings. In the 1990s she starred in a number of low-budget features that didn't quite show off the true extent of her talents for leather, rubber and bondage.

Taylor St Claire did, however, appear in some erotic films for noted director Andrew Blake, including his erotic Paris Chic, and the much-viewed Possessions film. However, to find her very first sex scene, you'd need to go right back to Randy West’s Up and Cummers.


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Queen of fetish in many genres

From simple beginnings in Ohio, Taylor St Claire’s entry into the porn film industry in 1995 began a lifetime journey into fetish film. Fetish is a subtle film genre. Many adult actresses think that they can take the role of a dominatrix, for example, but very few can pull it off. It requires not only a sadistic streak but also the sensitivity of mixing pleasure with pain when appropriate.

At the start of the millennium, Taylor St Claire appeared in a number of fetish films. The 4 Finger Club series will be known to many for its hot and artistic depictions of fingering. The image of Taylor’s sexy fingers in her pussy is one that will linger long in the memories of fans of the genre.

Other notable films of this era of Taylor’s work include Fashionistas and Forced Entry, an infamous and provocative feature film concerning violence. Taylor also appeared with rap artist Snoop Dogg, in his Hustlaz: Diary of a Pimp. This film mixed music and pornography and has become a cult classic in its own right.

Taylor also starred in the ‘violations’ film series. In the Violation of Jasmine Lynn and the Violation of Nikita Denise, Taylor St Claire showed both her dominant and submissive side in a group sex fantasy-based genre.


Taylor St Claire producing femdom films
Taylor St Claire has a new take on femdom. Image via:


Taylor St Claire’s role as a director

Taylor St Claire is noted for the reality that she brings to the world of fetish film. She's never had a boob job, living in Los Angeles, a city that is known for its emphasis on cosmetic surgery. This is most notable in Taylor St Claire’s latest incarnation as a femdom director and filmmaker. Femdom is a niche genre, and there are very few decent female filmmakers in this area.

However, Taylor St. Claire has shown that she can mix a great plot with the most extreme femdom action. Her films feature a variety of femdom and fetish scenes including male slaves, leather and rubber wear and bondage. This may seem standard for the femdom genre, but Taylor is able to produce new ways of integrating female domination and fetish.

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My first encounter with one of Mastress Taylor St.Claire was by accident, really. I was in a porno shop picking up the latest editions of "Leg Sex, Leg World, Leg Action, and Leg Show magazines. Among other things like foot fetish DVDs, and one of Mastress Taylor's DVDs caught my eye. "Lare of Latex". It was her height, weight, and beautifully overflowing tits, I just had to have it. My girlfriend and I took it home and watched it immediately!!! Though the disk did NOT have my particular qwerk, (I have an all consuming, compulsive foot fetish); I just have become mesmerized by her...but I can't find a single flick with her trampling on slaves. There's bondage, latex, and all sorts of other things she caters to, but nothing that I can find on "back standing, face standing, back walking, or trampling, or facial foot smothering." Any suggestions? Yes, I troll the web for hours everyday, looking. (I'm going on 8-9hrs as we speak, last night alone). Help?

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