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Good Pain is a podcast about kinky sex, confronting your fears and the power of letting go.

Tony and Chiara are two outsiders sifting through the corners of pain and the relief and acceptance the BDSM world brings. Each week they interview a professional Domme or someone from the BDSM community: hear stories, ask questions, and wade into important conversations--all while testing their own limits/ and confronting their assumptions about kinky sex, power- dynamics, and the patriarchy.

Our goal is to prime our audience to think about pain, power, and their personal limits with humor and pathos. We want to create space and a shared understanding for what BDSM is about and how it truly helps people. There are so many preconceptions about this world, it is time to show how complex BDSM and kink really are and how diverse the people are who inhabit it.

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Unveiling Desires: Journeys into the BDSM Community – Season 1 Reflections and Revelations

Season 1 began as an exploration of what is means to be a part of the BDSM community. Knowing virtually nothing about the community we sought out as diverse a group of people as possible, hoping to get some answers to common questions and also hear stories of pain, pleasure, and what sessions look like. The season started with a “Domme 101” session from Lady Vi (she is the head of the Church of Satanatrix). After that Tony and Chiara spoke with other dommes (Lola Jean, Mistress Margaux, Katherine Control, Domina Death and Mistress Ruby). These interviews addressed quirting, domme training, hypnosis, the intimate relationship between domme and sub as well as explore how each of these women first discovered they were kinky and what led them to this profession. Dr Carol Queen (staff sexologist for Good Vibrations) gave Tony and Chiara a history of sex toys. Dr. Emma Sheppard spoke about pain as an emotional experience—what it means to suffer from chronic pain and how kink can help. At the end of Season 1 Tony and Chiara were blown away by the humor, generosity, and kindness of everyone they interviewed. It was clear there was so much more to explore.


Exploring Depths: Season 2 Dives into Intimate Conversations with Dan Savage, Advocates, and Kink Explorers

Season 2 is now in full swing featuring an interview with the legendary Dan Savage. His two-part episode delves into who he was, how he got to giving sex advice, why he was in Berlin when the wall fell and more. You won’t want to miss it. Other guests include Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire (Royal Fetish Films). The couple talks about how they use their expertise to advocate for a more inclusive and ethically-sound adult entertainment industry. Melanie Rose (How to Build a Sex Room) reveals how she made the hit Netflix show and what it was like behind the scenes. Artemisia de Vine (The DeVinery Method) unveils the hidden meaning behind different common fantasies. Leslie Sickels a licensed clinical social worker talks about working with ASD clients, helping people embrace and understand differences in wiring, and how the kink community is often a supportive place for people on the spectrum. Yet to come in Season 2 are conversation with domme tops, submissive bottoms, sex coaches, and more.

We hope that you will explore all our podcast has to offer. Please reach out on Instagram, ask questions, tells us who else we should interview and what you want to know.

This is a Some Folks Production. We are a diverse group of individuals who tell stories that advance the narratives of people who have gone underrepresented for far too long. This is our time to join in the conversation, bring stories out of the darkness and into the light, and ensure we don’t return to complacency.

Listen here! Follow us on IG @goodpainpodcast or Twitter @Podcastpain.

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