Vacuum Beds

Discover the sensations of full-body bondage with a vacbed

Get sucked into full-body bondage with a vacbed

Here are, we often take a close look at unusual bondage equipment and we've covered several different methods of making full-body bondage work. Perhaps the most complete of those, though, is the vacbed. A vacbed is a rubber or latex 'bag' with a perfect seal and a breathing tube, that uses an ordinary domestic vacuum cleaner to pull out every last bit of air. The end result is complete immoblisation, along with a unique opportunity for breath play. These are often costly bits of kit and they are unsafe if misused, but so long as care is taken there's nothing quite like them for the sensation.

What is a Vacbed?  

Vacuum beds are an envelope of latex on a frame that air can be sucked out of. A person inside a vacbed is then held in a skin tight grip of latex until the vacuum is switched off.

How do you use a Vacbed?

You simply climb into the vacuum bed and make sure your face is in the right place to use the breathing hole/s or put your head through the hole, if you have one of the vacuum beds that allows for this. Someone else then will seal you in and use a vacuum to suck out all the air until the latex is moulded to your skin, holding you immobile.

Is using a Vacbed safe?

Vacuum beds are safe to use but should never, ever be used solo. There must always be someone around to release you in case something goes wrong. Establish a safe noise before using the vacbed if you will be encased entirely except for a breathing hole. For example, a run of 2 or three grunts close together to show you are in distress and need releasing immediately.

What can you do in a Vacbed?

A person in a vacbed can’t move at all so the person outside can have lots of fun. Gentle caresses and tickles are magnified for the person encased in latex. Torture them with softness or use hands crops and paddles for more intense impact play. Use of a vibrator can be fun too as the person encased in the latex can’t move away from the vibrations at all.

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    Why give her a Yoni Massage?

    Yoni massage or yonic massage, derived from the word Yoni, a representation of the vulva, which comes from the Shakti word that means sacred place. The Yoni massage is a type of Tantric full-body massage. It primarily focuses on the breasts, thighs, and stomach and then focuses on the labia, perineum, clitoris, G-spot, cervix or C-spot, A-spot, which is behind the G-spot, and other erogenous zones. When done right, this is a healing, therapeutic massage.

    Women's bodies are so used to being understimulated, overstimulated, disregarded, shamed, and penetrated too quickly.

    You get to give her the gift of bringing conscious intimacy to this beautiful part of her body and give her the opportunity to fully relax and receive intimate touch without needing to worry about judgment, performing, giving someone an orgasm, having an orgasm, or faking an orgasm...the gift of pussy massage is allowing her body to feel safe to be held, seen, surrendered, and to feel whatever she feels and to have whatever experience she needs to have.

    Regular pussy massage can:

    • Help her get out of a performative mode in sex
    • Help her get out of her head and become relaxed and present with her sensations
    • (necessary for most women to have an orgasm)
    • Help to heal "I'm taking too long" syndrome
    • Open her up to new/unexplored sensations
    • Increase intimacy between partners
    • Help to release expectations of her body
    • Help to release any need for external validation
    • Help to heal a habit of faking orgasms
    • Release shame around the appearance of her vulva
    • Increase blood flow and circulation (important for natural wetness)
    • Increase sensitivity
    • Relax tight pelvic floor muscles, release tension and can help alleviate pain
    • Intensify orgasm
    • Reduce stress

      Sharing the purpose and/or benefits of Yoni pussy massage with your partner can help you both to ground into why you'd like to have this experience together. Kindly remind her that this massage does not require her body to have any response. She is not expected to appear aroused, to be wet, or to have an orgasm. It is for pure relaxation for her body to fully surrender and receive and feel whatever she needs to feel. Invite her to be present with her body and sensations and to communicate if she wants any changes to the pressure, speed, or touch type. Your role is to honor her body's every request without question or judgment. Lovingly inform her that you will ask permission before penetrating her with your finger(s) and that she is free to say no. Penetration is not a necessary part of this message.

      Set your intentions for the massage and the energy you're bringing with you. (ex. Total mental and physical relaxation; a chance to experience new kinds of sensual touch and sensations with no-pressure-to-perform [it is not about her having an orgasm]; creating a space for her to feel safe and surrendered in your loving hands, etc.)

      Not many women have had a Yoni massage. I have a massage table. I have four sensual messages:

      The Yoni massage which is focused on the front and builds up to the pussy massage. It is great for healing and making your pussy feel wanted and appreciated and even healing past sexual trauma. Also great, if you have issues reaching an orgasm, the Yoni can help; if you can't have multiple orgasms, the Yoni can help with that too.

      The Tantric massage starts with the back and a bigger total massage and ends with a shorter version of the Yoni, but I use a vibrator for g-spot orgasms. This has a lot of edging before I give the multiple orgasms, and if you feel comfortable, you can squirt. I have special absorbent flat pads.

      Chinese cupping massage I use vacuum cups on the back, and it leaves two rows of bruises from blood being pulled into the cups. I used to do fire cupping but my ex got the fire cups in our divorce. I now use vacuum cups which are more accurate and consistent. I also have cups for making nipples stand proud and a pussy pump cup that will fatten up your pussy, and swells with more liquid, and this makes your pussy more sensitive for sex toy play.

      The Velvet Wand massage, which is an electric device invented 100+ years ago, this tool and its attachments are fun, but a body mode where my hands become electric or your body becomes electrified. There are many metal tools in the Velvet Wand kit for teasing your tits and pussy with electricity, it sounds painful, but the power is fully adjustable and is incredibly erotic.

      These are all sensual and relaxing, but the Yoni can heal some sex trauma issues. I'm experienced with couples classes but not certified; there is no Yoni certification in the USA. I have done all of these many times. The Yoni is my favorite. But you can pick whichever you want.

      Would you like to meet first in a public place or better a BDSM munch with other kinky people. Where in Atlanta do you live? I do not travel. Just a zip code is fine, then I can suggest a local munch or a good place to meet. I will travel to munches and a first meet.

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