Plastic Wrap

Using plastic wrap in full body BDSM

Live out your immobilisation fantasies

Plastic wrap (also known as cling film or saran wrap) might be more commonly found in the kitchen than in the playroom, but it's a great addition to anyone's bondage kit. It's inexpensive, it's widely available, it's easy to use, it's versatile, and it's deceptively strong - it can be used to immobilise someone completely and is a fantastic way to live out any number of different fantasies. It's even more important to think about safety here than with many other bondage methods, though - plastic wrap can suffocate, and it's vital that you're incredibly careful if your clingfilm bondage gets anywhere near your submissive's face.

 What is plastic wrap bondage?

Plastic wrap is also known as cling film or saran wrap and is usually used in food preparation. However, it is also a kinky pervertable. It can be used to immobilise a person, and all you need to do is wrap it around your willing victim. Simple.

How to do plastic wrap bondage safely

Before starting, make sure you have a pair of medical shears to hand. They have rounded edges so you won’t cut the person inside the wrap but they will cut the cling film when you’re ready to remove it. Also, have plenty of blankets to hand. The person inside the wrap is going to get hot, so when it is removed, they’ll feel the cold. Blankets and cuddles for aftercare are a must. Make sure there is a bottle of water on hand too. The person may well become dehydrated. Don’t pull the plastic wrap to tight either; you don’t want to cut off circulation. As with any bondage do not leave the restrained person alone - it’s essential to keep an eye on them at all times.

Why use plastic wrap for bondage?

Not only is it easy to get hold of, but it is also a kink toy you can happily leave out on the shelf. There are no knots to learn or straps to fasten; you wrap it around the part of your partner you want to restrain. It is quick, simple and effective

Can you use plastic wrap for full body mummification?

The simple answer is yes; you can use cling film for full body bondage. But, if you try this be sure to leave adequate breathing holes when you wrap the person’s head and keep a very close eye on the sub/bottom to make sure they aren’t suffocating.

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