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A sex machine is exactly what it sounds like - a piece of equipment, usually mains-powered, that can fuck its user hard and fast. They're often pricey, but they can be a lot of fun and for some people they're a fetish in their own right. They're also a great addition to all kinds of other scenes, particularly for those whose interest in BDSM is highly psychological and focused on mindfucks. If you can get your hands on one of these things, use your imagination - alone or with a partner, there's a hell of a lot you can do with a machine like this.

What is a sex machine?  

A sex machine is designed to mimic penetrative sex. It will have machinery that thrusts an arm with an attachment forward and backwards at various different speeds. It can be used for solo masturbation or with a partner.

How do you use a sex machine safely?

It is incredibly important to use lots of lube when you’re using a sex machine as the lining of the vagina and anus are very sensitive and need lots of lubrication for the quickness of the machine to be pleasurable. When first starting out, use a smaller dildo attachment, so you can get used to it, using something too big could cause tears and need medical attention.

What attachments can you get on a sex machine?

Dildoes are classically associated with sex machines but there is a variety of attachments available including butt plugs and male masturbators. You can also get electrified versions of these toys for those who enjoy electrostimulation.

Are sex machines just for women?

Anyone, male or female can use sex machines. It can be used for anal sex or connected to a male masturbator. Sex machines aren’t just made for vaginal penetration!

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    The dildo is probably the oldest sex toy of all. We have evidence of dildos going all the way back into prehistory--and through the centuries they've been credited with all manner of surprising qualities! These days we tend to approach them simply as toys--and what gloriously versatile toys they can be. A good collection of dildos is a useful addition to anyone's bedroom. They can be used for pegging and strapon sex between people without penises of their own; they're a fantastic masturbation aid; some of them are even decorative discussion pieces. They come in all kinds of materials, with the most common being silicone, glass and wooden dildos.
    A vibrating male masturbator, masturbation machines are the male equivalent of fucking machines. Instead of having a dildo attached they have a masturbation sleeve. There are various sizes and shapes with all kinds of motors and are incredibly powerful and completely hands free too. The masturbation aids are made to resemble female genitalia to simulate PIV sex or anal sex, or like mouths to give the feelings of oral sex. There are different kinds of movements to simulate different sexual play. Some vibrate only, others thrust or do both at the same time. There are different sizes and types from commercial to bespoke made to fit the size of your pocket.
    Patented in 1998 as a ‘device for discreet sperm collection’ the fleshlight has quickly become a favourite masturbation aid for men. It looks similar to a flashlight (hence the name) from the outside and so can be stored discreetly without much effort. Inside there is a textured, medical grade silicone shaped as either a vulva, anus or mouth. Easy to use, this masturbation tool simulates sex and carries none of the risks that sex actually does. It is a step up from masturbating with just a hand and gives variety to a much enjoyed leisure activity that, let’s face it, everyone likes to indulge in!