All you need to know about using humblers in BDSM play

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Fans of CBT (Cock & Ball Torture) have long enjoyed the pleasures offered by the humbler. Humblers are comprised of two long wooden or metal bars with a corresponding dip in each, and they're screwed together around the penis and testicles. This makes it easier to maintain an erection but harder to reach a climax, enabling the dominant partner to keep their submissive in an aroused state without letting them have the release or orgasm for an extended period of time. Some models are designed to give a weak electric shock at the press of a button for extra added fun!

What is a humbler?

A humbler is a wooden device shaped to go behind a man’s thighs, a humbler is two pieces of wood that are connected by screws with a hole in the middle. A man’s balls go through the hole in the middle and are then pulled back keeping the sub bent over, on their knees and very vulnerable.

How to use a humbler safely?

Testicles are sensitive and delicate parts of the body. Be careful not to bind them too tightly. Keep looking out for signs of circulation problems such as swelling, numbness and colour change and release the sub the moment any of these signs are noted. Make sure there’s no sudden, sharp movements that could cause serious injury. And always agree a safeword before play and release the sub as quickly as possible if it is used.

Why use a humbler for CBT?

It is especially ideal for those new to cock and ball torture as it is easy to build up the intensity of the play by screwing the clamp tighter. You can start off as gently as needs be and work up to more intense bondage in time.

What can you use at the same time as a humbler?

You have your sub in a very vulnerable position. You can make him feel all the more vulnerable by using a blindfold so he can’t see what you’re doing. Maybe you can run a wartenberg wheel over his extended scrotum, it will intensify the feeling having them pulled back in the humbler. Basically, use your imagination. The humbler is only the start of your CBT play.

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