All you need to know about gags

Get kinky with a gag

There are so many kinds of gags, ball, Jennings, soft, hard…there’s a gag for everyone. Designed to keep the bottom, submissive or slave relatively quiet, gags are a popular item for BDSM play.

A gag stops the person wearing them from being able to communicate freely, this adds to the feeling of helplessness for the submissive partner and is another way for a Dominant to show their control. It’s very important to make sure the person wearing a gag is able to breathe and is comfortable in the gag, you want to stop their words, not their breath!

With careful use, you can enjoy the sexy sound of silence, well, smothered screams and cries if not complete silence!

 What is a gag?

Worn to prevent the wearer from speaking, they consist of straps to secure around the wearer’s head and some kind of bit (a ball, o shaped ring, bar etc) to fill the wearers mouth so every noise they make is very muffled.

How do you use gags safely?

As you are blocking a person’s mouth, you need to make sure they can breathe easily through their nose. If a person has a cold, cough, chest infection or are asthmatic it may be wise not to gag them.

Be sure the gag is comfortable to hold in the mouth and don’t leave a person gagged for long. Never leave a gagged person unattended as they can’t regulate how much they drool and there’s a risk of choking.

As the wearer can’t speak, be sure to have a safeword alternative in place such as three quick grunts or dropping something from their hand so they can communicate if they need releasing.

Why do we love to use gags so much in BDSM?

Everyone has different reasons but a gag is a very quick, simple way to assert control over another person. You take away their major way to communicate and put them in a submissive position to you. They can be used as part of sensory deprivation and match together well with restraints and hoods, so can be used in lots of different scenes. In fact, the threat of using a gag can be a great control for some subs who really dislike using them.

My mouth is small, can I get a gag to fit?

Yes, there are some gags that have a soft bar or ball that fits in the mouth, not all of them are as big and ungiving as a ball gag. There are beginners gags too, that are designed to fit easily in the mouth for those who are unsure about being gagged.

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