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Nose hooks as a part of bondage are all about finding creative ways to restrict a person's movement. They don't keep someone in place by physically preventing them from moving in a certain way, but by making it almost unbearably painful not to stay still - the nose is incredibly sensitive, and when it's been hooked like this the smallest movements in the wrong direction can be excruciating. They're also a way of making someone look subjugated, controlled and somewhat humiliated, which has a powerful psychological effect on both dominant players and submissive ones. Try combining them with full-body bondage for a thoroughly intensive experience.

What is a nose hook?

Used for bondage purposes, the nose hook is secured in the nostrils of a submissive or bottom. It is pulled back, often changing the look of the face as well as being intensely painful.

How to use a nose hook safely?

Noses are very delicate and sensitive and can be easily damaged. When using nose hooks be sure the ends are covered in a soft plastic to avoid scratches and puncture wounds which will be very painful while healing.

Be sure to only place the nose hooks near the end of the nose, insertion should be no deeper than around a centimetre as the further back you go, the more sensitive the nose is.

Do not use any sharp tugging motions as this can permanently damage or break the nose and move it back towards the skull which can be fatal. Always keep the nose hook attached to the person or something controlled by your hand. Never attach a person with a nose hook to a fixed point.

Why use a nose hook?

The insides of a person’s nose is very sensitive. It takes very little pressure to inflict pain. It will make the submissive very eager to follow the dominant’s instructions. It is a very simple but very efficient tool especially in training. There is a humiliation angle, as the person’s face becomes distorted by the use of a nose gag as well as the obvious intense level of control a Dominant has over the person wearing the hook.

Who first invented nose hooks?

This is a classic Japanese form of BDSM. The nose in Japanese culture is the centre of their pride so to allow another person to control that is a very intense power exchange.

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