Cattle Prod

Prod and poke with a cattle prod

Looking for electrifying punishment?

Electrosex play comes in many guises, and one way to introduce shocking electrics is with a cattle prod. Many are made specifically for BDSM play, offering all the zip of high voltage shock for those who enjoy some pain with their pleasure. Cattle prods often feature in BDSM porn, as they're a fantastic way to inflict a lot of pain in a controlled manner. Easy to wield and fun to use - some people even enjoy receiving the shock too! At the hand of a mean Dominant, zaps from a cattle prod could hit any moment and in any area. It's bound to put even the brattiest submissive in their place. Well, it'll be fun finding out anyway!

Image: Terry Robinson via Flickr Creative Commons

What is a cattle prod?

A handheld device that delivers a shock at its tip, a cattle prod is more than just a pokey stick! There is a zap of electricity too.

How do you use a cattle prod safely?

You're playing with electricity, so be sure the person who is being shocked hasn't got any history of heart problems for a start. Ensure you have a cattle prod that is intended for human use to be as safe as possible. Never shock above the neck and keep to fleshy areas. And make sure you check the prod thoroughly before every session. If you're in any doubt about it, don't use it!

How much does a cattle prod hurt?

It is tough to say exactly how much anything hurts as every person has different tolerances. However, a cattle prod delivers very focused electric shocks to a small surface area, making the sting very intense. It doesn't last long, but it is painful!

Can a cattle prod kill a human?

No, not if used carefully. It will hurt a lot, but the shock is high voltage but with a low current so it won't kill. A cattle prod should always be used responsibly though to avoid scarring and injury.

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