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Big or small - we love all butts

A lot of kinks seems to focus on the butt. Our rear ends are spanked, bitten, licked, worshipped and fucked - and that's just the foreplay! Asses are an erogenous zone for many, and a major point of attraction for even more - no matter the shape, size or gender of the ass in question. They're an excellent choice for safe and responsible impact play because they tend to be well padded and make a great target. Time was, the Twiggy-style flat butt was the way to go for women who wanted to look a la mode - until, praise the Lord, along came Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian. Now, quite the opposite is true: women have their posteriors surgically plumped and worrying that they don't have enough junk in their trunks. As with all things, it's important not to let this get to you; the booty beautiful is different for everyone, and the body you've got has a whole lot going for it.

What’s with us and butts?

Big, small, thick or thin, butts are assets that get lots of attention whether clothed or unclothed. This has a lot to do with sex, of course, and desirability. It could be trenched in primal instinct, when we were all looking for partners who were fertile but the attraction to butts is as real today as it ever was.

I have a big butt fetish, is this normal?

Sure it is, it’s essentially a personal preference that turns you on. There’s even a name for it - pygophilia! If you find that you’re struggling with it in any way though, then talk to a medical professional. Your fetish should be fun.

Do women have butt fetishes?

They can do, many women really love butts of various shapes and sizes, so it’s likely some will see it as a fetish.

Are there any areas of the butt not safe for impact play?

Butts are usually pretty well padded and so are fantastic for impact play, there aren’t any particular no go areas. Remember not to concentrate hits too high, you don’t want to damage a person’s kidneys. Before you play, ask your partner for their preferences, some people don’t like certain areas hit at all.

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