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Vore is the shortened simplified version of the word vorarephilia, derived from the Latin word Vorare which means 'to swallow' and the Greek word 'philia' which means sexual love. This specific fetish centres on the fantasy of being swallowed whole, and as such, vore is something often expressed in art, comics and cartoons. A giant, a tentacled sea creature or a huge King Kong or Godzilla kind of monster can be part of the fantasy, or maybe a giant like the adult version of Jack in the Beanstalk. The fetish centres on being devoured, and there are many ways the imagination can expand on that.

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What is vore?

Vore fetish is sexual arousal connected to being completely devoured, often in one bite. It can be a fetish where a person gets aroused by the idea of being eaten whole or by being the one doing the devouring. It's often centred around fantastical beasts and giants with giantess vore being particularly popular. Vore can overlap with other fetishes such as BDSM and rebirthing.

What's the difference between soft and hard vore?

Soft vore refers to devouring in one gulp. It's called soft because it doesn't involve bloodshed, whereas hard vore, blood is included.

Does my vore fetish doom me to solo sex forever?

There are ways to involve a vore fetish in partnered sex. You can write and sext fantasy scenarios together or use it as a theme in dirty talk. There are ways you can roleplay too, simulating the effect of being inside a stomach with a sleeping bag or vac bed, for example. So it is possible to play with your vore fetish with other people and not just by yourself.

Is it okay to be into vore?

Vore is an exciting fetish that engages the imagination. Indulge and enjoy. If you ever are worried by your fetish, if you feel it isn't fun any more, then you should look to talk to a medical professional.

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