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Tattoos and piercings are the first things that spring to mind when most people think about body modification, but there are other forms as well. Branding, scarification, tightlacing and even (for some people) weight loss or gain are all essentially body mods. Permanent or long-term semi-permanent alterations people make to their physical bodies to better express on the outside who they feel like on the inside. Occasionally it can be rooted in low self-esteem or self-harming behaviours, but for most people who are passionate about body mods, it's more like a form of artistic expression - something to be indulged, enjoyed and explored.

What is body modification?

Anything that you do to your body for a decorative purpose is a body modification. This ranges from tattoos and piercing to more extreme practices like skin implants and branding.

I enjoy the pain of tattoos is that normal?

Some people really love pain, some people love specific kinds of pain. Many people enjoy the feeling of getting tattooed. If you love the pain, then enjoy it. But be sure to go to a licensed premises and get your tattoos responsibly. Pain is good, infections are not!

Is it safe to be branded at home?

No, there is a high chance of infection from branding and you really need to visit a professional to have such an extreme body modification done. Don't let anyone convince you that it's okay to be branded by an amateur. It might sound sexy to let your master or mistress brand you forever, but it is very dangerous and it can easily go wrong.

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