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We all have our type, don't we? Even if that's quite a broad definition. Some people love red hair or blue eyes; others love long legs or plump bottoms, a sweet smile or big hands. Some people love plus-size men. There are lots of body fetishes, but when the whole person is a fetish, it's important to remember they are a person too, not just an object that turns you on. Unless that's one of their fetishes, then get your consensual kink on! From big bears to cuddly cuties, there are all kinds of super sexy plus-size men.

Is it OK to have a fetish for plus-size men?

Yes, as long as you remember that there is another person involved in your fetish. It's not good to objectify someone just because you have a fetish for plus-size men, but if you remember the whole person, not only their size, then it's perfectly OK.

What's the difference between plus size-men fetish and feederism?

Feederism is a separate fetish that involves a person wanting to gain weight or wanting to see another person gain weight. This can form part of a plus-size men fetish, but in essence, they're different fetishes.

What is plus-size for a man?

Plus-size clothes vary from shop to shop and brand to brand. Everyone has their personal opinion, too. If someone identifies as plus-size, then they are plus-size. Some people with a plus-size men fetish might specifically look for men of a particular shape or size, but that doesn't mean that is the only shape or size a plus size man can be.

Is it OK to compliment a man on his body shape?

It depends on the man and how well you know them. Complimenting a person on their body is something you need to know is OK. If it's a stranger, it's probably best to avoid it, unless you ask for consent to compliment their body first. Remember the person first, before your fetish.

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    It's pretty clear that the Size 0 look isn't the norm. The average dress size in the UK, for example, is a 16 - meaning that the overwhelming majority of women don't fit what we currently consider to be the "ideal" body size. The good news is that "ideal" is absolute bullshit; everyone is different, everyone's body is different, everyone's health is nobody's business but their own and everyone finds different things attractive. There are plenty of people who enjoy being on the larger side, and even more whose type in women runs to the curvy. Whether this forms part of a fetish or is simply a matter of aesthetic preference depends on the individual - but whichever side of the line you fall on, it's important not to run the risk of fetishising a person in a way they haven't consented to.
    Food is a comfort; we all have our favourites, the ones we could sit and eat all day. We all know what it feels like to be full after a huge meal, where you just had to have another serving or that one last cupcake. Feederism finds the erotic in this feeling and creates a fetish with a clear D/s dynamic. Some enjoy feeding, and others enjoy being fed. The end goal is often to have the feedee appear to gain weight, which can be for a short amount of time or longer periods.
    Tummies are an often maligned part of the body. How often do you hear someone moaning about how much they hate their stomach? Well, even this most unloved body part has it’s ardent fans! Belly fetish even has its own name – alvinolagnia. Which is used to describe someone who is sexually attracted to stomachs or navels. People with a belly fetish have varying desires. Some love big, round bellies and others like flat, thin ones. For some it’s all about the navel. Every person is different and finds different bellies attractive. There is no one way to do belly fetish, it’s up to you!