Breast Fetish

Big or small, we love breasts!

Have a breast fetish?

Let's face it, folks: breasts are pretty great. Almost everyone who is sexually attracted to women has a fondness for them, and plenty of other people besides can enjoy looking at them or playing with them. For those of us who have our own they're often a big part of the way we dress and the way we dress up, and people who think of their breasts as being one of their best physical features can have a lot of fun with dresses, corsets and plunge bras designed to show them off.

There's more than one way of getting your breasts involved in your fetish life, too. If you have a breast fetish, breast worship is a common practice amongst people who enjoy submitting to women, while those who get off on dominating them might want to indulge in a little tit torture or breast bondage. For most people they're a major erogenous zone, making them a great place to bite, suck, spank and squeeze. Just make sure you have the full informed consent of your partner before you get down to anything!

Do people only like big breasts?

No! People like all different types and sizes of breasts. Some might like them big but maybe prefer them small. Don’t worry. Whatever your breasts are like, they’re going to be appreciated.

Is tit torture safe?

Some forms are relatively safe, but there is an element of risk in breast bondage, nipple clamping, impact play etc. If you are aware of the possible issues you can play in a risk aware way. For example, don’t leave clamps on for longer than 20 mins at a time (10 mins if the person is new to it), be aware of circulation when breast binding and be precise when hitting the breasts, as ribs are not good for hitting if you slip. Do some research before starting and it should all be okay.

How do I breast worship?

For a start you can verbally compliment their size, appearance and how they feel. That’s a great way to worship any body part. When you’re able to touch, be soft and sensual, use your hands and your mouth to show how much you love their breasts. If in doubt as the person how they want their boobs to be appreciated

I’m very self-conscious about my breasts

Your breasts are perfectly normal. Gravity has its effect on breasts, especially larger ones as does child birth and breast feeding. You don’t need to change your breasts at all, they are beautiful and natural and attractive just the way they are. If you’re determined to change them, you will need to talk to a medical professional about options but remember, surgery can go wrong and who says your perkier boobs will make you feel better? Learn to love yourself just as you are because I am sure there are people who will be attracted to your breasts just as they are.

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