Love tears? Into Dacryphilia?

All you need to know about dacryphilia

Crying is a reaction to many different strong emotions - or even just chopping onions or picking pollen-filled flowers. Crying is something everyone does at some point and can often be cathartic for the person shedding the tears. However, some people have a fetish for crying, so they get even more satisfaction from the tears. This is called dacryphilia. If you're turned on by tears, then you're not alone! There are many people, especially those in the BDSM community who find tears to be very arousing indeed, either crying themselves or seeing someone else cry. It's all about letting the tears fall.

What is dacryphilia?

Dacryphilia is the scientific name for being turned on by crying. It can be arousal at tears for any reason, or it can be a sadistic or masochistic fetish within a kink scene, but if you get turned on by crying or seeing someone cry then you have dacryphilia.

Can crying be sexually arousing?

Yes, for some people it is. It is an unusual reaction, but it's perfectly OK. Some people find it exciting in a sadistic way, getting pleasure from causing the tears, or those who like to be made to cry enjoy it as part of their masochism. Some people are aroused by caring for someone who is crying; others love to see a person's face contorted by crying. Remember, consent is always essential.

Does crying turn you on?

So much can contribute to sexual arousal to crying, but it is very much a well-known fetish. It might not be what people might consider normal, but normal is boring, right? Dacryphilia is a real thing, so if crying turns you on, don't worry, you're not alone.

Is it ok to be turned on by crying?

It sure is! Having a fetish is nothing to be ashamed of. However, it's essential to keep your fetish consensual, especially if crying in general turns you on, not just in a sexual situation. So as long as it's consensual and you're having fun, it's OK. If you're ever concerned about your crying fetish, then contact a medical professional.

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