Freckle Fetish

Do freckles turn you on?

Love the sight of freckles?

Freckles are non-harmful little spots of darker pigment that often appear in areas of the skin exposed to sunlight. Most people think about freckles on cheeks, but they can appear all over the body. Some people have freckles you only see in summer and others show them all year round. Often associated with red hair and pale skin, freckles appear on all skin colours, which is extra exciting for freckle fetishists. Some people see freckles as blemishes, but they are just a variation of skin type and can be admired for their unique beauty even if you don't have a fetish for them!

What is a freckle fetish?

Someone with this kind of fetish finds sexual arousal in seeing freckles on someone else or their own body. It's the freckles, and the patterns they make that are the turn-on specifically.

I draw freckles on myself, is that OK?

Yes, as long as you're doing it with body-safe pens, why not decorate yourself in a way you find satisfying. Some people even get tattooed freckles, so if you want something that doesn't wash off, that's an option too.

Does anyone else have a freckle fetish?

There's absolutely more than one person with a freckle fetish, and you're in the best place to find them. Freckle fetish is one that can be hidden to an extent, as it can translate as just a bodily feature someone prefers and so that's why you don't hear of it as much as you hear of other fetishes.

Why do I have a freckle fetish?

It might be that you liked someone with freckles as a kid, it might be that you equate it with personality traits you find sexy, and it might merely be that you find freckles sexy. It doesn't really matter why in the grand scale of things. Just be sure to remember freckles are on people so don't just use them to satisfy your fetish, unless it's consensual of course!

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