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Blood play is actually pretty standard on the fetish scene. For some people it's mostly about the sensation; they enjoy the sweet pain in the way that others might enjoy being spanked or flogged. For others, it's more about the marks it leaves behind - scarification can be a sign of ownership or take the place of a tattoo when done with the right finesse. Since you'll be piercing the skin, however, cutting play comes with some extra risks - so be meticulous about using clean, sterilised blades, cleaning up after yourself, doing your research in advance and being as careful as possible during a session.

What is blood play?

Blood play is the act of cutting through the skin until blood is released.

Is cutting safe?

Of course there are risks and you really need to know what you’re doing before you indulge. Submissives need to really trust the Dom who is wielding the knife or scalpel but it can be kept relatively safe. Only cut in areas that are safe, like the thighs and avoid any areas where there are a lot of veins and arteries. If in doubt, don’t cut. Also be aware of blood transference, especially if either player has a condition that is passed on via blood such as HIV.

What is the difference between knife play and blood play?

Knife play is more about the fear and sensation of having a blade on skin, if there is any skin piercing it’s really gentle and doesn’t draw blood. Blood play actively involves cutting and is looking to generate blood to play with.

Can everyone enjoy blood play?

If you’re on blood thinners or are squeamish or triggered by the sight of blood then cutting is not for you. Only try it if you’re pretty certain you’ll find it sexy.

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    Needle play is usually thought of as being a subset of blood play, though it doesn't always necessarily involve blood. Most needle play is pretty straightforward, and involves play piercing using pre-sterilised, single-use needles designed to go through the skin and bought solely for the purpose. It is of course vital to only use any individual needle once, to make sure your needles are properly sterilised and to do your research before you begin your play. Make sure you have antiseptic wipes and plasters on hand, too - they're a vital part of aftercare for anyone who enjoys blood play and things related to it.
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