Do you love bodily fluids?

Fond of hygrophilia, getting hot and sweaty?

Bodily fluids are something we're all aware of, and something we're all intimately involved with - when it comes to our own anyway. Sweat, blood, tears, urine, faeces, vaginal fluid, and ejaculate are things people deal with daily. Some people find these sexually arousing, especially with the popularity of bukkake in porn, such as creampies. It might explain why vampires are so attractive too, although they have an extreme form of this fetish; we wouldn't recommend their diet at all! A little fun with bodily fluids is okay as long as you're careful, remember, safety is sexy!

What is hygrophilia?

Hygrophilia is the sexual attraction to bodily fluids. Where sexual attraction to a singular bodily fluid can have one name, this is the term for someone who is attracted to multiple or possibly all bodily fluids.

Is hygrophilia safe?

Some bodily fluids carry risks with them, such as STIs and other infections. When you're engaging play with blood, semen, vaginal fluid or faeces, be sure to use appropriate protection (condoms, gloves etc.) and be regularly tested for STIs. This way, you can engage in your fetish in a risk-aware manner.

I don't like all bodily fluids do I have hygrophilia?

You don't have to be attracted to all bodily fluids for it to be considered hygrophilia. Still, there may be a specific term for your fetish if it's just one specific bodily fluid such as coprophilia, a sexual attraction to faeces. If you feel it fits your fetish for bodily fluids, then you can use it. There are no definite rules around it.

Is it ok to be turned on by bodily fluids?

Yes! As long as you are risk-aware and take care to be as safe as you can within your play, then it's totally fine to indulge in your hygrophilia. However, if you're worried about it, if you feel your fetish is out of control, you should see a medical professional for help.

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