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Breast feeding is most usually connected with child birth and mother’s feeding their new borns. However, breast feeding can be indulged in by consenting adults for sexual excitement and bonding purposes. Lactation fetish can refer to a person who wants to suckle breast milk as well as someone who likes to do the breast feeding. Most commonly it’s men who have the desire to breastfeed but it can appeal to people of all genders too. As there isn’t necessarily a need for a person to be lactating for lactation play to happen, it is a fetish anyone can indulge in.

What is a lactation fetish?

Enjoying the act of suckling on another person’s nipple and drinking breast milk is part of lactation fetish. As is enjoying having your nipple sucked upon. It can be connected to a person’s ability to produce breast milk but some people enjoy playing even if there is no breast milk involved. It’s a very bonding activity that can be soothing as well as sexually arousing.

Why do some people have a fetish for breast milk?

Breasts are highly sexualised, so it’s hardly surprising that a fetish for breast milk and suckling breasts exists. Lactation fetish isn’t the most common of fetishes but it is one that is gaining in popularity.

Is breast feeding sexually exciting?

Some people find it so and that is completely fine, where others don’t. Manipulation of the nipple can feel really good for some people and being held close to a person’s chest whilst sucking on a nipple can be really arousing for others. It very much depends on the person as to if they find it sexually exciting or not.

I have a lactation fetish, is that okay?

Of course it is okay. If you find breast feeding arousing and enjoy indulging with other consenting adults then go ahead. That’s great. If you have any concerns about your fetish, if you feel it’s taking control of your life or are otherwise worried you should talk to a medical professional.

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