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Tummies are an often maligned part of the body. How often do you hear someone moaning about how much they hate their stomach? Well, even this most unloved body part has it’s ardent fans! Belly fetish even has its own name – alvinolagnia. Which is used to describe someone who is sexually attracted to stomachs or navels. People with a belly fetish have varying desires. Some love big, round bellies and others like flat, thin ones. For some it’s all about the navel. Every person is different and finds different bellies attractive. There is no one way to do belly fetish, it’s up to you!

What is belly fetish?

It’s a sexual attraction to the stomach and very specific aspects of the belly such as the belly button, for example. It is a partialism also known as alvinolagnia.

Is it all about the belly?

Not always. Some of these kind of fetishists are all about the navel, but others love the whole stomach from tiny and flat, to big and wobbly. There is no specific belly fetish.

How can you tell if someone has a belly fetish?

Unless they tell you, it is impossible to be sure. Someone may have a belly fetish if they get aroused simply by seeing a stomach. Summer crop top season could be very telling. There is a definite difference though, between showing an interest in someone baring their stomach and having a specific belly fetish.

Is belly fetish like feederism?

No, feederism, or fat fetish, is completely different. In alvinolagnia it’s all about the tummy be that big or little, feederism is connected to food and making the person fatter. There may well be cross over between the two fetishes though.

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