When the temperatures rise and you can't stand the thought of touching your partner what else is there to do? Find out with our hot new masturbation story from Rebecca Dane.

Heating up for masturbation

Sean lay on the bed motionless under the fan. It was warm in their apartment. There was only a small breeze blowing through their window, moving the floor-length curtain ever so slightly. He could feel sweat forming on his forehead and slowly making its way down his temple and into his sideburns.

Wiping his hand through his short graying hair, he spoke with a sigh: “It’s so hot in here, I’m not even moving and I’m still sweating”.

He spoke to Krish, who was sitting on their lounge chair, trying to angle himself under the ceiling fan. His arms and legs were spread away from his body in order to trap less heat. A bead of sweat trickled down his inner thigh. “You and me both. I’m sitting in a puddle”.

There was a moment of hesitation before they both started chuckling. It was supposed to be their scheduled sex night. It might not sound romantic, but for them, it was a set time to put away all distractions, all phones, all computers and just focus on each other for an hour.

Sean’s secretary knew not to call during this time. He told her that he was at an appointment every week. But she was catching on to what really happens. Except for this week, it didn’t seem like it was happening.

“You know, we might be really sweaty right now, but we promised nothing would ruin this time we have together.”

“I know, but if you touch me I’m going to drench you… and not in a sexy way.” Sean turned his head to see if he could read Krish’s reaction. He didn't move, sat there, limbs still spread, considering the sweaty options.

There were a few moments of silence, with only the sounds of the whirring ceiling fan and honks from distant cars through the open window.

“What if I watched?”

Sean leaned his body towards Krish. “Watch what?”

Krish shifted slightly in his seat so he could look at Sean directly in the eyes: “I want to watch you cum”.

Sean started to get out of bed and move towards Krish but he was stopped: “No, I want to watch you over there while I’m over here”. Sean hesitated while deciding on his next move. The tone in Krish’s voice meant that he was serious. Normally it was all hands on, but this voyeurism was something new.

To his own surprise, Sean was starting to get hard. He didn’t think he would enjoy being watched, but the certainty of Krish’s request made it hot.

There seemed to be a silent agreement between them. Krish had decided not to give further instructions, and Sean seemed to be okay with that as he slid off his briefs.

Masturbation showtime!

It was pleasant to be naked under the fan while he started to stroke his penis. Sweat was still dripping down his back, but that wasn’t the focus anymore. The focus was to give Krish the show he wanted.

Grabbing lubricant from the nightstand, he poured some onto the tip of his penis, mixing it with his already visible pre-cum. He slowly rubbed it around with his hand, making sure to connect eyes with Krish the entire time.

Krish was bulging in his pants while watching Sean play with himself. Sticking to the chair, he didn’t want to pleasure himself just yet. He wanted to watch what Sean was going to do for him first. Being a voyeur was going to build up the anticipation.

Just the idea of masturbation

Sean started stroking himself slowly, teasing Krish with the idea of masturbation. He was rock hard, all the blood rushing to his penis as he casually played with it.

Sean angled himself so he could reach his testicles. He knew that Krish had a sweet spot for the area between the base of his shaft and his sensitive balls, where the skin was smooth and super responsive.

With his right hand, he continued masturbation, stroking himself, the slippery lube enhancing the sensations. With his left hand, he played around with the skin under his shaft, staring at Krish while he did it.

Sean made sure to press his forefinger down every time he reached his frenulum. Not only did it feel great for him, but he also knew the image of his pink bulging tip would be a nice sight for his partner. His foreskin, completely pulled back, exposed the ridges that Krish usually loved to lick.

Krish, still seated in his chair and watching Sean’s actions intently. His bulge was trying to burst through his clothes, but he held off. He was at the edge of his seat, actively watching his partner pleasure himself. Krish's eyes were trying to gather the most information; watching the strokes, noticing the pulsing veins and the freshly trimmed hairs at the base of the shaft.

He was desperate for a taste. Desperate for the feeling of Sean in his mouth and the warm explosion that he knew he could create. But this wasn’t the time for that. This was the time to soak in all of the visual sensations that Sean was exposing for him.

Building to fever pitch...

Sean's masturbation gathered pace. He sped up his strokes. He was enjoying his exhibitionism more than he had anticipated and it was speeding up his orgasm. Softly moaning, he became aware that Krish was squirming in his chair. He moaned louder for effect, still furiously stroking himself and grasping under his shaft.

Sean made sure that Krish could see every movement. He made sure that Krish got the whole view as the distance between their bodies tortured them both.

Sean started to clutch his stomach, a reflex indicating that he was near orgasm. The heat of the room was ignored - all that mattered was the intense tension between the two of them. Krish struggled with his self-restraint, his mind pouncing on the bed but his body keeping distance between them.

Sean became desperate to cum with Krish watching him. He wanted Krish to watch as he brought himself to orgasm. With a few slower, harder strokes and a final grasp at his stomach, Sean started to cum. Creamy white ejaculate pulsed out of his penis. It flowed down his hand and his shaft, and slowly dripped onto his stomach. His strokes lingered, a few final pushes to end his orgasm. His belly now covered in his own juices.

Sean took deep breaths and stayed motionless under the fan, the heat suddenly engulfing the room. Sweat had pooled around him, but he didn’t care. He looked up to catch a glimpse of Krish in the chair, but Krish wasn’t there.

Instead, Krish was already undressed, his penis standing upright, watching Sean lie there in the heat. The silence was finally broken as he started stroking himself: “Now, you get to watch me.”

Rebecca Dane is one half of A Couple of Kinks – a sex-positive site that focuses on sex toy reviews, ‘how to’ guides and stories of their sex adventures. They are hoping to help impact the sex toy industry by focusing on safe, ethical and LGBT+ inclusive companies as well as help normalize sex and kink.


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