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Everybody burps, it's a simple bodily function which releases gases that build up in the stomach and oesophagus. It's something everyone knows and understands. In western society, burping is one of those things you're encouraged not to do in front of polite company - or at least to hide it behind a hand if you have to. Burps are things to hold in for many people and not something to be praised. Some people love a burp though, and they love it so much they have a fetish for it - not wanting to hide burps but to let them rip long and loud and proud.

What is burp fetish?

Burp fetish is when a person enjoys burping in a sexual way, or they get sexually aroused by another person burping.

The sound of burping arouses me, do I have a burp fetish?

If you get aroused by something that isn't necessarily sexual, then yes you probably have a fetish. With burping, you can have a fetish for it if you only like one specific aspect, such as the noise, without liking the whole experience.

How can I ensure my burp fetish is consensual?

It will be difficult for someone with a burp fetish not to get turned on by someone burping. However, recording someone burping for your pleasure or tricking others into burping for you without them knowing it turns you on, is a non-consensual act and should be avoided. It's recommended to tell any partners about your fetish so they can actively join in it with you.

Is it okay to have a burp fetish?

Yes, if it makes you happy and you get lots of sexual satisfaction from your fetish, then it's perfectly fine. Make sure to keep it consensual though. And if you're ever worried about your fetish, or if it feels like it's no longer fun or turns obsessional, you should contact a medical professional.

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