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Has piquerism piqued your interest?

You might not know it, but you could be a piquerist or into piquerism because it's an unusual term for something that is a staple in the BDSM community. That wasn't meant to be a pun, but as piquerism is the sexual interest in piercing another person's skin, it works as one! It's a catch-all term for BDSM play where something penetrates the skin. Needles, staples, pins, knives and scalpels all count. If you've played with any of this, you've indulged in a little piquerism already! A standard of edge play, piquerism crosses into realms of blood play and medical play too. Piquerism can be adapted for all kinds of scenes and situations.

What is piquerism?

Piquerism means being sexually aroused by things piercing another person's skin - this can be needles, staples, scalpels or knives. It's not what pierces it, but the act of piercing that is arousing for most piquerists.

What does piquerism mean?

The term piquerism comes from the french word 'to prick' and has become a term for people who get a sexual thrill from piercing another person's skin with something sharp - this can be a fetish of its own but is often a part of someone's sadism.

Do you need specialist equipment for piquerism?

Any time you pierce someone's skin, you need to be sure you do so in as sterile an environment as possible. All equipment needs to be sterilized. As there will be blood, wear disposable gloves and clean up any blood as thoroughly as possible. Plasters, dressings, antibacterial wipes, washes and disinfectants are all needed. And if you're using needles, a safe way to dispose of them, such as a specialized needle box, is required too.

Is piquerism safe?

As long as you practice RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink), then it is perfectly safe. Make sure you're aware of all the risks involved in piercing another person's skin and do all you can to mitigate the risks - then you can enjoy piquerism responsibly and safely.

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