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Well-manicured nails have become part of life for many people. They can be painted prettily in different colours, with varying patterns for parties, shaped and sculpted to keep them looking good for work and play. People spend hours making their nails look good. But, some people really love nails and get a sexual thrill from looking at them or feeling them in use. Looking after or painting someone else's nails is thrilling for someone with a nail fetish. It's not just about how they look; it's how they scratch too, which is fabulous fun for kinky playtime. All you need are your fingers and a willing partner or two or more!

What is nail fetish?

Nail fetish is specific sexual arousal connected to fingernails. It can focus on their shape, length, sharpness, or whether they're painted or not. It can also be about how they feel scratching the skin. Nail fetish can be part of a hand fetish or exist on its own.

I like to be scratched with nails, do I have a nail fetish?

Lots of people enjoy the sensation of being scratched but if you're aroused by the nails doing the scratching specifically then you have a nail fetish also known as amychophilia! Enjoy in whatever way you like best. If you just like scratching, that's cool too.

My partner has a nail fetish, what can I do?

Ask your partner what they like about nails. They may like how they look, (known as onychophilia) or it may be more about the masochistic pleasure of being scratched. Once you know, you can discuss ideas for play. Perhaps your partner would like to paint your nails or give you a manicure - maybe they'd like to watch you stroking yourself with your nails. They might want you to scratch them. You can work out what works best for you and your dynamic with some open communication.

Is my nail fetish OK?

Of course! If it brings you fun and sexual fulfilment, it's a fantastic thing indeed. However, fetishes can become obsessional, if you feel you're not in control of your fetish and you're worried about how much you think about it, then contact a medical professional.

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