Aroused by odors?

Olfactophilia - for the love of odors

Smell is well known as being an important and highly evocative sense. Scent memory is something we're all familiar with: the perfume your mother wore when you were a child, for example, will always seem familiar to you even if you can't pinpoint exactly why.

It's no surprise, then, that olfactophilia can form an important part of sex. Everyone smells different, and people going through breakups are often floored by catching a whiff of their recent ex's own unique scent. However subconsciously, odor is a vital part of how we perceive the people who we're close to.

Naturally, for some people this goes a little further. Odors can form a vital part of kink for the people who are most aware of them--be that the smell of someone's sexual fluids or even the scent of their sweat.

What is olfactophilia?

Olfactophilia is a term used to describe someone who is turned on and aroused by strong scents, usually body odors or sexual smell.

I love the smell of body odor, is that weird?

It’s not that uncommon! Human sweat contains pheromones, and enjoying the smell of sweat in a sexual way is actually quite natural and it can be very hot for someone with olfactophilia.

What is scent/odor play?

When a Dominant gets their submissive to smell items such as work socks, shoes or underwear, this is scent play. Many submissive find this a turn on in itself and it can become a quick way for a Dominant to turn on their sub.

I love the smell of feet, am I into olfactophilia?

You could have one, both or none at all, you might just like the smell of feet. It’s up to you how you want to define it. And it doesn’t matter what fetish you decide you have as long as you have fun with it!

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