Sex advice and stories are aplenty these days. Finding the stuff that pertains to the modern-day kinkster can be a challenge. While not all of the below podcasts are only about kink, they all explore fetish related topics frequently enough to make it onto this top kink podcast list


Kink, Love & Other Intangibles

This kink podcast is brand-spanking new (its first episodes recorded only earlier this year). Hosted and produced by Seattle based grad student and sex-positive coach David Hathaway, Kink, Love, & Other Intangibles explores buzzy kink topics with a cerebral edge. From product reviews to discussions on gender labels, Kink, Love, & Other Intangibles fully lives up to its namesake. The podcast also accepts anonymous questions and answers them on air with compelling and knowledgeable guests.

Past Episode Highlights: Live coverage from KinkFest in Portland, an interview with one of Kink BNB's cofounders, and the evolution of kink identity.

Why you should listen: Soft-spoken but knowledgeable host David is an open-minded kinkster himself. He maintains a warm level of familiarity with novices and experienced players alike. His episodes approach kink objectively, but with an insider's perspective.


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Full Disclosure Podcast - diverse and hilarious

Founded by San Francisco implant and comedian Eric Barry (now based in Chicago), Full Disclosure is a diverse kink podcast that's also hilarious. Unlike other podcasts that try to cover the full spectrum of sex but end up only covering the (mainstream) naughty bits. Full Disclosure serves up equal parts of porn stars, sex toys, socio-politics, and dominatrix interviews. Eric's guests usually straddle the worlds of performance comedy and sexpert, making for an equally entertaining and informative listen.

Past Episode Highlights: The psychology of BDSM, a look into queer comedy, and live puppy play.

Why you should listen: More like why you should watch–Full Disclosure takes the live stage every few months in Chicago. The live recording features guests from within the sex-positive community, a live demo, some combination of stand up comedy and sexy storytelling, and prizes donated by local sex toy stores. Plus, it's free.


Ending the Sexual Dark Age

Advice and how-to kink podcast Ending the Sexual Dark Age is hosted by real-life Master/slave couple JV and Shara. Their episodes are driven entirely by listener questions, putting you directly in control of what sex advice they dish out on air. This M/s couple handles more sensitive, or controversial matters particularly well, and seem to attract many closeted listeners facing sexual struggles and challenges.

Past Episode Highlights: Two professionals speak on recovering from sexual assault, a live recording from CatalystCon, and working up the courage to attend your first munch.

Why You Should Listen: JV and Shara will answer ALL your questions. That's right, all of them–even the ones they don't have time to address on air or the time-sensitive ones that can't wait for a recording session. Post them in Bathroom Wall and expect a response from JV himself. Plus, let other compassionate listeners riff off your curious ponderings in the Confessional Forum.


Erotic Awakening - a kink podcast network

Erotic Awakening is a network of eight unique, kink podcasts ranging from rope specific interests to discussions of polyamory. Podcasts are run by known names in the scene, with different areas of expertise. Among them: Dan and Dawn of Power Exchange Summit, author Lee Harrington, prolific educator and rope artist Graydancer, Mistress Simone of The Studio in Chicago, and others.

Past Episode Highlights: Kink on drugs, an interview with internationally celebrated rope artist Akira Naka, and what happens when you bad mouth your Dominant.

Why You Should Listen: With eight different kink podcasts to choose from, you'll never run out of listening material! All of them are updated at least monthly, and range from education on advanced bondage rope techniques, to kinky and spiritual exploration, to modern-day polyamory (plus tons more).


Woman listening to a kink podcast
Find some new inspo by listening to a kink podcast.


Sex Gets Real

Co-hosts Dawn and Dylan are two gender fluid females with enough experience in sex, love, and experimentation to back, well, a kink podcast. The range of subjects their episodes tackle make for a very inclusive archive. Sex Gets Real offers information, tales, and interviews for everyone–be you queer, fat, questioning, or kinky. Many of their episodes involve or revolve around group sex or multiple-party sex.

Past Episode Highlights: Queer Porn Film Festival review, sex ed for teens, and men of leather.

Why You Should Listen: Podcasts are great, but they're time-consuming – except for this one! Their more recent episodes only run around twenty minutes (with exception to their interviews), and contain a time-stamped breakdowns of each episode. This way, listeners have the option of skipping ahead to the content they're most interested in hearing.


Life on the Swingset 

Behind this aggregate site of sex and kink podcasts is Cooper S. Beckett, author of My Life on the Swingset. Comprised of ten individual podcasts, some topics frequently seen in Swingset FM's feed are polyamory, consent, general sex ed, sex toys, experimentation, and more. Swingset FM is comprised of multiple podcasts with broader themes, which makes it a good place for early experimenters seeking inspiration.

Past Episode Highlights: Finding your way in the sex-positive community, navigating anal sex and Tinder, and discussions on pegging.

Why You Should Listen: ...and read! Life on the Swingset features a fantastic blog authored by guest bloggers as well as site regulars such as Dr Susan Block, Technogeisha, Ginger, and Beckett himself. Their archives will keep you busy for a while–it dates back to 2010.


Savage Lovecast - the granddaddy of kink podcasts

Dan Savage may not identify as kinky himself, but he certainly talks to a lot of people who do (as well as a lot of people who think they might). The sex and kink podcast is currently in its 19th season of in-your-face sex advice, including a good deal of blunt confessions, myth-busting, and honest musings. Great for anyone looking to learn more about sex and the lifestyles that often accompany it.

Past Episode Highlights: Getting what you want out of a kinky relationship, Fifty Shades of Grey, and kink as an orientation.

Why you should listen: If you're someone who likes to be “in the know,” then Savage Lovecast is a must-listen. It has a tremendous following and is on the intersection of kink/sex-positive communities and mainstream culture. Plus, all of Dan's shows come with special offers from his sponsors–ranging from free naughty gifts and downloadable books to discounts on health food and underwear.


Zoë Tersche is a New York-based writer focusing on fetish sexuality and the freedom of sexual expression. 

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Do you have any other favourite kink podcast? Have you listened to any of the ones in this list? Share all in the forum.
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I am perpetually thinking about this, thanks for posting.

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