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Get kinky with your tongue

Sensation comes in many forms, and for many people, there's something uniquely sensual about the feeling of licking or being licked. Obvious choices are of course the main erogenous zones - nipples, genitals and earlobes are all popular options - but there are ways to include the tongue in the fun with almost any body part. Licking someone's skin and gently blowing over it can be surprisingly intense, and there's something blissfully intimate about the entire process. For the foot fetishists out there, feet licking is an exciting experience for both partners, and armpit licking can be applied to your kinky BDSM play.

Why do some people love to lick feet?

Every person will have their own take on this, but there is something sensual about licking generally but when licking someone’s feet there is a sense of submission too. Some people will enjoy it as an act of humiliation or showing their dedication, others will enjoy it because they have a foot fetish. It doesn’t matter why they love it, it’s a perfectly safe and sexy thing to indulge in, so if you want to, give it a go.

Do women like having their armpits licked?

There’s no blanket answer to this. People of all sexes and genders might like having their armpits licked where others will not. It’s best to ask the person you are with if it’s something they might enjoy if it’s something you really want to do. It can be very sensual and some people find it very sexy indeed.

What is the best way to lick a vulva?

If in doubt, ask the person who owns the vulva. Some people enjoy sucks more than licks, some might like nibbles, others might not want too much direct stimulation of the clit where others might want all the stimulation to be on the clit. Ask. If you’re not sure what your partner wants, let them guide you.

Is licking hygienic?

Yes, it is. If you’re worried about hygiene just be sure to have a wash beforehand.

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    Oral sex refers to all the sexual practices that involves the lips or tongue being placed on your partner’s genital area. Some more technical names for oral sex are cunnilingus, anilingus and fellatio. Whether you're more into getting or giving, if you're a fan of oral sex the possibilities are endless. The trick is to remember that everyone is different. What sends one person wild with desire might make another cringe away in discomfort, so ask your partners how they like it and have fun experimenting.
    Kissing seems like a big deal to us when we're teenagers, but as we grow older, it can start to lose a little of its mystique. It's a great shame because it's a wonderful way to build intimacy between partners, and without it, sex can start to feel a little impersonal. In a fetish context, there are plenty of ways to make kissing a part of your dynamic. Kissing someone who is tied up can add to the sensual feeling of helplessness, for example, while kissing a blindfolded person all over their body will keep them wanting more and make them unsure what to expect. It can also form an important part of aftercare, helping you to reconnect with your partner on a cosier level after an encounter that may have been quite emotionally intense.
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