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It's pretty clear that the Size 0 look isn't the norm. The average dress size in the UK, for example, is a 16 - meaning that the overwhelming majority of women don't fit what we currently consider to be the "ideal" body size. The good news is that "ideal" is absolute bullshit; everyone is different, everyone's body is different, everyone's health is nobody's business but their own and everyone finds different things attractive.

There are plenty of people who enjoy being on the larger side, and even more whose type in women runs to the curvy. Whether this forms part of a fetish or is simply a matter of aesthetic preference depends on the individual - but whichever side of the line you fall on, it's important not to run the risk of fetishising a person in a way they haven't consented to.

Is it okay to have a fetish for plus-sized women? 

We love fetishes here at but when you are fetishizing a person you’ve got to be really careful in your behaviour. It’s totally fine to enjoy big, beautiful bodies but it’s not okay to objectify a woman because she has the body type you like. She is a person too. So if you can be respectful and appreciate a woman for all her uniqueness and match that with your fetish then it is okay. It’s never okay to just treat someone was an object of your fetish though.

Is BBW fetishism the same as feederism?

Some people may have both fetishes, but having a preference for plus-sized women doesn’t mean you’re interested in feeding them to make them fatter which is what feederism is all about.

What does BBW mean?

The acronym represents the words Big Beautiful Women. Some people don’t mind being labelled this way but others see it as being fetishized in an objectifying, negative way. It’s a term that is losing popularity and is mostly seen in porn descriptions now.

Can I compliment a plus-sized woman on her size?

You can but it’s best not to start out with that because it can seem like you’re only interested in a woman’s size if you do that. It’s okay to do when you know someone well, but if she prefers you not to do it then you should respect that.

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