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Feel sexy smoking?

The taboo is always sexualised, and as smoking becomes increasingly frowned upon by many portions of society, it's only natural that its popularity as a fetish should start to increase. Of course, smoking has always had a bit of a reputation for being cool and sexy - especially smoking after sex. Even before it began to acquire connotations of dirtiness and anti-sociability, it was a hallmark of someone who was a little mysterious and a lot alluring. For smoking fetishists (capnolagnia), the appeal can come in a lot of ways. Some people enjoy being used as an ashtray, while others simply love the look of someone having a cigarette; others still are turned on by smoking themselves.

What is smoking fetish?  

Also know Capnolagnia, it is sexual arousal from seeing someone smoke a cigarette, pipe or cigar.

Why do some people find smoking sexy?

Everyone has different reasons. Some people associate it with someone who they lusted after early on in their lives, others see people smoking as a sign that they’re hot, rebellious or even promiscuous, others just like the way a person’s lips look pursed around a cigarette.

Can I indulge my partner’s smoking fetish without doing permanent damage?

Smoking is incredibly bad for you, so it’s never advisable to take up smoking. Even E-cigarettes are not healthy but it could be a way to indulge your partner’s desire in a less risky way as you can get non-nicotine containing liquids to vape with.

Is my smoking fetish normal?

Unless you think your capnolagnia is impacting your life negatively, then it’s totally normal. The moment you think it’s impeding on you living a happy life, then you should seek help from a medical professional.

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