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Sneezes can mean many different things. You could have an allergy; you might be coming down with a cold or a bit of dust has tickled your nose. For some people with a sneeze fetish, sneezes mean arousal. From being turned on by another person sneezing to finding your own sneezes to be totally orgasmic, if you have a sneeze fetish, you’re not going to be afraid of catching a cold and you’ll be happy to share round the germs with others. Hay fever season is the best time of year for a person who loves a sneeze. Share your sneeze fetish stories on the forums at to find other kinksters like you.

Do I have a sneeze fetish?

As with all other fetishes, sneeze fetish is unique to the kinkster who has it. Some sneeze fetishists get off on watching or even just hearing another person sneeze. They may have a preference for the sex of the person who sneezes or be turned on by all kinds of people and all kinds of sneezes. Some people are turned on by their own sneezes and may even seek to ways to make themselves sneeze. Everyone has their own preference for how many sneezes are the best and what kind.

Where does sneeze fetish come from?

There is a popular urban myth that a sneeze is a tenth of an orgasm. Although it isn’t true, sneezing and orgasming are similar actions in the body and this is thought to be why some people develop a sneeze fetish. However, others might have associated experiences with people sneezing, often from earlier in their life, that leads to them being aroused by other people sneezing. It will be completely unique to the kinkster.

Why do I sneeze when I’m I am turned on?

This is thought to be a fault in some people’s nervous system, that essentially means the release of orgasm or even simply sexual arousal will cause the person to sneeze. It isn’t a serious medical problem and doesn’t need treatment but some people who have it find it embarrassing. However, if a person who sneezes when turned on matched up with a sneeze fetishist, they’d both have a great time. Look for a kinkster with a sneeze fetish on the dating pages or list your own personal ad to connect with that person who is turned on by sneezes or sneezes when they’re turned on.

How can a sneeze ever be sexy?

It’s a matter of personal choice. Like some people prefer certain physical, mental or emotional attributes in a partner, some people have their fetishes that turn them on, like sneeze fetish. A sneeze is a reflex action, it can’t be thought about, changed or stopped once it’s in motion and so a person sneezing is at their most natural and real. This is a strong aphrodisiac for some people. Letting down barriers and letting go are inherently sexy.

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