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Hairy backs, cracks and pits!

Many people think of body hair as being inherently unattractive, but that's definitely not an absolute truth. There are loads of others who are hella into it, in all kinds of different ways - the scents, the textures, the ability to change up styles and colours. Then there's facial hair, of course; plenty of people love a good beard, and different ways of shaping yours can have a huge effect on your look and demeanour. Just make sure you're not being unduly pressured by outside influences and that your facial hair is styled the way you like it.

I am only attracted to men with beards – is it a fetish?

Not necessarily, it could be a really strong personal preference. But if beards get you hot and bothered then you might just have a fetish. As long as it’s all good fun there’s nothing wrong with it but if you feel your beard love is worrying you in any way talk to a medical professional.

Should I shave my pubic hair?

It is totally up to you! What do you love? If you enjoy being clean shaven, go for it but if you’re bored of the maintenance let it grow. Pubic hair is natural and is part of your body’s way of keeping you clean and safe. So there’s no reason not to grow your bush out.

Are hairy backs attractive?

It really comes down to personal preference. We have certain body hair fashions and societal pressure and expectation to look a certain way. But there are people who find back hair attractive and others who don’t care about it at all. As long as you’re happy, that’s the main thing.

I love armpit hair, is that weird?

Not really, no. There is a fashion for smooth, hairless armpits especially for women, but usually people have some amount of hair under their armpits, so it’s perfectly natural. Be proud of your armpit love but if you’re worried about it, or feel it’s an un-natural obsession talk to a medical professional.

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