Christmas is one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year. But, how do you manage it all and enjoy a kinky Christmas too?’s very own Victoria Blisse serves up some suggestions to help you get your kink on during the festivities. 


You can’t do it all

I know it seems to be quite a negative way to kick-off an article, but you can’t fit in absolutely everything at Christmas. There’s a ridiculous amount of pressure to have the perfect, magical holiday and there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  Work out which parts aren’t essential for your Christmas. Free up some time so you can enjoy the festivities and fit in some kinky fun too. 

Take time for you

Don’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself this holiday season. Kink isn’t an optional extra; it’s part of you. And you should make time for things that make you feel good. It’s winter; it’s cold and dark and gloomy. We all need to be doing things to boost our mental health. Fetish is often a positive release, and you need that when everything is so busy and pressured. 

Schedule kink in 

It might not sound terribly romantic to schedule your kink time in advance. It’s fun to just go with the flow, but this time of year, you have to have a plan to fit it all in. Make space for kink. Mark it in your diary so that you won’t just skip over it to nip to the shops to buy a Christmas pud nobody eats. Make your kink time a priority. 

Kinky Christmas parties

Finding time and space for fetish at home during the holidays, when the family are staying, and random visitors drop in at will, is hard. So why not look for munches or events run by your local dungeon, BDSM or Sex club and go to those. Christmas parties are an essential part of the season so no one will bat an eyelash when you tell them you’re going out to a Christmas do. Only you will know you’re off to the local dungeon to enjoy one of their fetish nights. 

It’s a great way to spend time with other members of the kink community. If you’re on your own, you might find someone to play with, but if not, you're more than likely to be able to watch some fun BDSM play.  If you’re a couple and you want privacy, most places have private rooms, where you can be assured of not being interrupted whilst in the middle of a bit of Christmas bondage.  Tinsel is evil to be tied up with; sadists take note! 

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Get out and have some fetish festive fun!

Kink at home

It might be difficult but it isn’t impossible to get your Christmas kink on at home. There are subtle ways you can play with Dominant and Submissive dynamics even with other people around.  

  • Doms can pick out outfits for their subs to wear, with or without underwear depending on how daring you are.  
  • Tease your other half by sending them a photo of the kinky lingerie you’re wearing underneath your party clothes. They can then unwrap you later! 
  • Subs can kneel at their Dom’s feet. When there are so many people there to entertain someone is bound to end up on the floor, it might as well be you. 

There are many fun, wearable BDSM toys too. Maybe your sub could be wearing nipple clamps as they make the Christmas pudding or wireless vibrating love eggs as they do the wrapping. It might not be best to play with these when there is family around but why not make those tedious Christmas preparations spicy with a little kinky fun?

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Giving or receiving... it's the thought that counts.

Give the gift of kink

Treat your other half to a night away after Christmas for them to unwind after all the madness and festivities. That week between Christmas and New Year seems perfect for taking a little time out. Take your partner away from it all for a while, and then you can get as kinky as you like. 

You could go to any hotel and enjoy some fetish fun from Christmas bondage to sploshing with the leftover trifle (remember your fluid proof sheets!) but why not book into a fetish hotel and immerse yourself in kink? Or hire a dungeon for a day and play to your heart's content. 

Wanna find someone to share your kinky Christmas, sign up at today. Check out the forums for fun fetish ideas and enjoy your XXXmas! 

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