Roll up, roll up and place your bets! Who doesn't love a gamble... and a nice surprise? Well, the mystery and multiple options of chatroulette make it a new fetish favourite. Indeed, after reading this member's guide to Chatroulette, you'll be dying to give it a spin, too!


Unless you've been living underneath a rock for the past ten years, you're likely aware of the massive strides that online social networking sites have made. While Facebook, Twitter and Reddit may be some of the most popular, we shouldn't forget that sites that cater to sex and sensuality are also on the rise.

After all, these portals satisfy one of the oldest instincts that man - oh, and woman - have ever had: roll in cake, get wrapped in cellophane and fucked with a cobra-shaped dildo listening to Wagner operas. As such, Chatroulette has taken the internet fetish community by storm.


Sexual encounters with a twist

After registering on Chatroulette, a user is automatically connected with a counterpart from anywhere in the world. Much like spinning a traditional roulette wheel, the user has absolutely no idea with whom he or she will be connected with.The chatter on the other side could be a male, a female (and in some cases) varying degrees of both. So, this platform is as much "the luck of the draw" as it is anything else. While this is the main premise, such a site promises to satisfy a variety of fetishes, and for good reason.

From voyeurism to anime and such obscure interests such as wellies or even German women in gas masks, there is indeed no lack of unique experiences on Chatroulette. Now, this is never to deny that there are plenty of non-fetish users available. The simple fact is, much like Forrest Gump once stated, "You never know what you gonna get." Do you still find this hard to believe?

Let's take a look at three different scenarios that are said to have taken place while a user was interacting with fetish Chatroulette. Keep in mind that, much like the majority of internet memes and rumours, it's difficult to prove such recounts directly. Still, these circumstances are certainly visual food for thought.


1) Chatroulette - the dark side

Let us call our first user by the simple name of "Luke". Luke was searching for a bit of banter with a girl who shared his interest in role-playing games. Obviously, the random nature of this site never guaranteed that he would come across such a person. Still, Luke continued to search; clicking through users until he developed a rapport with a girl that appeared to be quite interested in Star Wars.

Well, it wasn't long until this young vixen donned a Sith robe and a fully functional Darth Vader face mask. The force was very much with Luke that evening, for he was quickly able to establish a significant (albeit long-distance) relationship with a girl who shared the same interests as his own.


2) All that glitters is not necessarily gold

As opposed to Luke, John was in the market for another "John". Having been rather reticent to experience the world of online visual encounters, John has registered with Chatroulette to meet a short-term interest without requiring the necessity to commit to anything more than a brief chat.

After browsing around Chatroulette (keep in mind that this was for the first time), he came across an odd man who was clad in gold paint. Besides this gold paint (and without leaving too much to the imagination), the only other attribute that this user brought to the camera was a smile. Thankfully, let us say that John was a fan of precious metals; in particular, gold dust. In this case, both walked away happy, hoping that statistics would bring them together again.


3) An apple a day

Paula had always exhibited a rather secret fetish for men in uniform; doctors in particular. So, she decided to try this random online portal to find the surgeon that could save her virtual life. Coincidentally, Paula had recently undergone a liposuction procedure a few months before by a local cosmetic surgeon.

It wasn't long before she can across this very same surgeon. Unfortunately, she could hardly remember his face, as she was sedated for most of the time that they had known each other. She only believed her virtual partner when he revealed that he'd removed no less than 30 kilogrammes of fat from her posterior. After the man saw the finished (and healed) results via her webcam, the two had nothing less than a wonderful evening (without sedation).

These are three of the (somewhat verified) stories that occur every day when using the amenities of Chatroulette. Naturally, there is always the possibility of contacting the man with a horse mask or a woman who enjoys a good whipping. Then again, the infinite possibilities allow for such fetishes to be embraced and, if anything, why not give Chatroulette a virtual spin?

There must be more stories out there than the ones described here. Help us out. What's your best Chatroulette story? Have you used it and had a fun experience? Add your comments below!

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