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Most teenagers have necked in the back of a cinema at some point or other--but as adults, some people take the idea a little further! For established couples figuring out how to make a subtle fumble in the dark work without getting caught can add a frisson of excitement - but what about those of us who don't already have a particular partner in mind?

It's not a good idea to start trying to mount strangers while they're trying to watch a film, but the new wave of "old-fashioned" blue cinemas often have people on the lookout for partners as well as porn. Just make sure you negotiate clearly before you begin!

Is it possible to have sex at the movies?

It is possible. Many people manage all kinds of sexy fun times while they’re watching a film but you have to make sure know one else knows what you’re doing or you might get your fun interrupted!

What are the best positions to have sex at the movies?

First you need to find a seat that isn’t easily viewable. It could be at the back, but remember, the projectionist might be able to see you if you do that! Also make sure no one is anywhere close enough to see what you’re doing.

It’s relatively easy to give a hand job, make sure your clothes are loose and drape coats over laps to hide what you’re up too. Oral sex is similarly relatively easy to get away with as you’re down below the level of the chairs.

Reverse cowgirl could be achieved in an empty theatre or missionary if you’re willing to get down on the floor. Use your imagination!

When is the best time to try out my sex at the movies fantasy?

It’s about picking the right films, don’t go to one that’s just opened, go to one that has fewer listings because it’s on the way out, most people will have seen it anyway! Later at night is best and always go to film that has a high age certificate to make sure only other adults will be around. You can book seats online at many cinemas now, check to see how many seats are sold to get an idea of quiet a movie will be.

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