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Swimming costumes are often sexy as hell, and days by the pool bathing in the sunshine and enjoying a few fruity cocktails can be an erotic experience for many. If you can get around some of the more obvious problems (lack of lubrication, nothing to brace yourself against, a potential for being caught) swimming pool sex is a fantastic way to bond with a partner and try out something new. If you get the chance to explore, do try it out - there's a lot to be said for getting down and dirty in the cool water on a hot summer day!

Is it safe to have sex in a swimming pool?

It is relatively safe but there are some risks involved. The high level of chlorine in a pool can cause infections if that water gets inside the vagina and also you could slip quite easily so make sure you are sure of your footing and have something to grab onto!

Is it possible to have sex while floating?

It is possible. Oral sex can be achieved with one person floating relatively easily. PIV sex is best in upright positions to make use of the natural buoyancy that you have in the water.

Can you get pregnant from swimming pool sex?

You can’t get pregnant just from swimming in a pool that someone has ejaculated into, the sperm just wouldn’t survive long enough in the chlorinated water. However, if you’re having sex with someone be sure to use protection, chlorine alone is not a contraception! You can get condoms that say they can be used in water as normal ones have a tendency to float off.

Can you use sex toys in a swimming pool?

Yes! Not just any sex toy of course but many are in fact waterproof and designed for use underwater. So if you want a little solo fun in your private pool or want a little extra spice when you’re playing with your partner you are good to go with a waterproof sex toy.

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