As well as providing a feeling of power for the wearer, gloves can feel sensual to the person on the receiving end of them. And, as this kinky glove lover explains, there are many different styles to choose from, too, like leather and PVC... 

At first sight, gloves would seem to have little to do with fetish. They are a commonly worn item, often used for practicality, rather than being sexual in any sense.

However, gloves have been used in fetish for a long time. Indeed, there are various types of glove associated with particular fetishes.

Long opera gloves are one kind that seem to be particularly popular with fetishists. These satin gloves cover most of the arm. Sometimes they can be fashioned from other materials, such as leather or PVC.

Another type associated with fetish are leather gloves. These gloves, perhaps when they are studded, are associated with power and domination. Finally, some fetishists even have an interest in woollen gloves. But this is quite an obscure fetish!

Woman wearing rubber fetish gloves
Do you have love for the glove? 

Gloves as a fetish item

Why are gloves associated with fetish and power-play? Firstly, they obscure part of the body. The hands are frequently used in an expressive sense, but the glove hides them and gives them a sense of power.

Secondly, they are sensual in themselves. We usually consider the hands to be one of the regions of the body that can give sexual pleasure in many ways. The sensation of the hand, encased in a glove, can provide even more elaborate sensations.

A glove fetishist

One glove fetishist that we talked to explained her love for gloves. She said that she was normally a dominant woman, who loved the power over men that wearing long opera gloves gave her.

When she went out in the evening, she wore long, satin, opera gloves and was astonished at the admiring and supplicating looks that she got from men.

However, she saved leather and PVC long gloves for her boyfriend who enjoyed the sensations of being stroked and spanked while she wore them.


Love being fondled by someone in gloves? Or does wearing gloves give you power during kinky play? Share your love for gloves below in the forum... Looking for like-minded kinksters? Meet them here on

Share your love for gloves in the BDSM forum

This article was originally posted on 4 September 2014 and was updated on 10 March 2018.





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Leather gloves - a definite kink for me. 

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I think it feels so great to be tickled with them sensually. I could get into that for sure

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Leather gloves are my biggest fetish, and has been for ever since I can remember. I have a huge collection myself and find them my biggest weakness. Just seeing a domme wearing them......reduces me to putty! (not that I wouldn't be at ALL times!) For example, being put in tight leather bondage, hooded, gagged and immobilized, whilst my Mistress slowly teasing her trussed up leather gimp and slave.....hearing a long opera length glove creaking and squeaking as she pulls it on, with only my nose and mouth expectant to inhale their delicious scent......before a gloved hand slowly enveloping over my drooling mouth to keep me quiet......silencing my groans.......clamping harder to smother as I wriggle.......ahem, please excuse me........just my dream! Indeed, leather gloves are a massive part of my life, they are elegant, very sexy, look so hot on, shiny and tight........and I need to breath pardon the pun. Just wanted to express my biggest kink!  :o)

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