Fetish.com asked ten inspirational, sex-positive women for #womancrushwednesday how they would be celebrating International Women’s Day 2018. The answer? "Appreciating my freedoms, my assertiveness and independence, and my unusual job - which I'm only able to enjoy thanks to the brave women who have gone before me." What about you? Treat yourself to an afternoon of online erotica, an evening of porn for women or maybe even a whole night of kinky sex. From marches to masturbation, feminism and femdom - here 10 ladies to crush over! #wcw

Calandra Balfour - Top Ten WCW for International Women's Day by Fetish.com

International Women’s Day Crush 1: Calandra Balfour #WCW

How kinky are you? Calandra said: 6/10

This Brighton-based businesswoman has worked in the sex-positive retail industry for over a decade. Calandra runs three sex shops in the seaside resort and is currently working on a new online platform called LoveGivr, launching in May. It’s set to be a one-stop shop for sex toys, BDSM apparel, erotica  and more. In an exclusive interview for Fetish.com, Calandra told us “I work on the front line. I’ve seen how, recently, the BDSM world is definitely moving into the mainstream.” And she’s all for this feminist current, “ I think it’s good. Women now feel increasingly more able to come in and say what they want. To me, and their partner.” Long live femdom! Catch her at Eroticon in London, talking about sex, tech and the future.


Cara Sutra - Top Ten #WCW for International Women's Day by Fetish.com

International Women’s Day Crush 2: Cara Sutra #WCW 

How kinky are you? Cara said: 10/10

A familiar name to many, Cara Sutra’s day-to-day is sex, sex, erotica and more sex. You can find countless examples of her exciting erotic literature on her website, where you’ll also find sex advice guides and sex toy reviews. She is dominant by nature but loves experimenting with the entire spectrum. When chatting to Fetish.com about the role of women in BDSM, Cara said “femdom should be embraced as being as much a part of the BDSM sphere as female submission and other, possibly more mainstream-friendly, kinks. I think there's a long way to go before the world is as comfortable with the image of a cuffed man in a chastity device as they might be about a woman in various bondage poses.” Cue feminism!


Stephanie Alys - Top Ten #WCW for International Women's Day by Fetish.com

International Women’s Day Crush 3: Stephanie Alys #WCW

How kinky are you? Stephanie said: 4/10

As Co-founder of MysteryVibe, an award-winning British pleasure brand, Stephanie has probably made more women orgasm than the whole Fetish.com community together. She is a feminist and a revolutionary player in the sextech industry, a market that is currently estimated to be worth over $30bn. Stephanie also gives keynote talks, in which she explores the link between technology, innovation and societal progress. And she’s also funny as hell. In her own words, “Using ‘sextech’ to describe a vibrator with AA batteries is like using ‘smartphone’ to describe a Nokia 3310.” When asked how she’s celebrating International Women’s Day, she told Fetish.com it would be “a world first in sextech”!


Simply Oloni - Top Ten #WCW for International Women's Day by Fetish.com

International Women’s Day Crush 4: Dami Olonisakin #WCW  

How kinky are you? Oloni said: 7.5/10

Sex toys, celebrities, STDs and first dates. Oloni writes about all aspects of life and sex on her award-winning online platform. She also has her own line of sex toys! Without a doubt, she’s a fabulous feminist and activist for all human rights. When Fetish.com asked her about the BDSM scene she said “I feel like a lot of people hide their kinks and fetishes because they’re afraid they won’t come across anyone who has the same sexual desires as them, but it’s untrue.” So femdom ladies, submissives, newcomers and full-time fetishists, be yourself and revel in it. Check out her new Youtube show ‘Street Sex’!


Kayla Lords- Top Ten #WCW for International Women's Day by Fetish.com

International Women’s Day Crush 5: Kayla Lords #WCW 

How kinky are you? Kayla said: 5/10

Kayla is a powerful, multi-talented kinkster who currently helps run four sex-positive erotica websites and three podcasts, including one she runs with her dominant/husband John, called Loving BDSM. When we asked her view on women in the BDSM community, she told us “Based on stereotypes, either we’re all femdom man-haters, or we’re all non-feminist submissives. I’m a feminist submissive babygirl masochist who can stand on my own two feet. Any woman in BDSM defies a stereotype simply by being exactly who we are.” 


Girl on the Net - Top Ten #WCW for International Women's Day by Fetish.com

International Women’s Day Crush 6: Girl on the Net #WCW 

How kinky are you? She said: 8/10

This anonymous sex blogger is both a feminist and a self-proclaimed slut. Proving that sexuality and the strive for equality can coexist in perfect, sexy, harmony, Girl on the Net is a supporter of all things kinky too. “I love Fetish.com. Bringing people together so they can share this stuff - whether online or in person - is a really valuable thing to do.” And when it comes to BDSM in the bedroom, she also works hard at demystifying common misconceptions. Not into femdom herself, she says “I hate the idea that if you're a submissive woman, it's because you somehow lack self-respect or that it gives men ‘carte blanche’ to disrespect you outside of the bedroom.” She adds “In fact, mutual respect is one of the foundations of a good BDSM scene.” Check out her online audio porn, an inclusive project she started to make erotica sexier for the visually impaired.


Karley Sciortino - Top Ten #WCW for International Women's Day by Fetish.com

International Women’s Day Crush 7: Karley Sciortino #WCW 

How kinky are you? Karley said: 9/10

Author of Vogue’s breathless column and full-time ranter, raver and erotica critic on her personal site Slutever.com, Karley is sexually autonomous, unapologetically explicit and whole-heartedly feminist. And she’s most definitely got a couple of unusual fetishes. She has filmed a show recently about the ultimate sexual fantasy of being abducted. During which, she discusses the link between sexual on Viceland. fulfilment and applying this to our day-to-day lives, after interviewing the sub on femdom she said: “the fetish or kink scene has definitely opened him up and helped him to communicate ”. Watch her BDSM-related webseries on Viceland.


Nina BiZarre - Top Ten #WCW for International Women's Day by Fetish.com

International Women’s Day Crush 8: Nina BiZarre #WCW

How kinky are you? Nina said: 10/10

London-based Nina organises some of the most extreme adult sex parties in the UK, with her partner in crime Aidan. The sexiest thing about these parties is just how amazingly inclusive they are. It became apparent to them that unless organised within the gay scene, events were not delving into the more adventurous and extreme kinks. They cater for every taste - femdom, role play swinging and even watersports. Nina describes BiZarre Events as somewhere where “literally everyone is welcome, whether straight, bi, lesbian, gay, male, female, transgender, transexual, gender-fluid, a crossdresser, single, part of a couple or a polygroup.” Feminist and inclusive! Sexy.


Cindy Gallop - Top Ten #WCW for International Women's Day by Fetish.com

International Women’s Day Crush 9: Cindy Gallop #WCW

How kinky are you? Cindy said: 5/10

Feminist queen and founder of a site with the motto “pro-sex, pro-porn and pro-knowing the difference”, Cindy has made a fresh, new concept within the online pornography industry - Make Love Not Porn. The website exhibits real sex, for real people to enjoy. Porn for men and porn for women too. She’s also a pretty amazing businesswoman who is well-known for her advertising and consultancy skills, and her 2009 TED talk. If you haven’t seen it already, you should. Why? She talks about sex - a lot. She says the words “cum on my face” six times. Yes, six!


Molly Moore - Top Ten #WCW for International Women's Day by Fetish.com

International Women’s Day Crush 10: Molly Moore #WCW 

How kinky are you? Molly said: 9/10

Last but not least, Molly Moore is the curator behind the endless flow of erotica and photography found on Molly’s Daily Kiss. Her entries have something to turn everyone on, regardless of your kink. Although Molly considers herself to be the submissive slave in her five-year relationship, she writes about femdom, hardcore BDSM with multiple partners and almost every sexual fantasy you can think of. “It is a relationship based on trust, love, communication and maybe most importantly of all consent.” Proving once again that a non-judgemental scene like the BDSM world is a place where feminist and inclusive ideals flourish.

#WCW International Women's Day - Top 10 Sex-Positive Women by Fetish.com

At Fetish.com, we feel passionate about sexual liberation and gender equality - obviously! As a safe place for kinksters and the kink-curious to share, ask for advice and get support, we aim to help change attitudes towards kink and BDSM. So be your kinky selves and have a Happy International Women's Day!


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Thanks for including me in the article , honoured to be listed amongst so many wonderful heavyweight  women.

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What a fabulous list of women, I am honoured to be on it



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