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In this digital age we have access to almost anything on the net. And that can be great, especially when you have distinct tastes like us! Thanks to the advances of technology, we’re able to share stories and advice over a site like Fetish.com. However, not all the information you find online is correct. That’s why it’s so great to have sex advisors like Oloni (Simply Oloni) and Karley Sciortino (Slutever).




Dami Olonisakin, otherwise known as Oloni, is an award-winning sex and relationships blogger, presenter, influencer and content creator. Think of her as a revamped, online agony aunt for every worry or doubt you may have about your sexual life.

Karley Sciortino is making a lot of noise in the sex-positive, feminist movement. She’s the author behind Vogue's Breathless column, host presenter of the Slutever show on Viceland, and founder of Slutever.com. She’s had a lot of crazy sexual adventures and is encouraging woman around the world to do the same. Love her already?


What do you think about them and the work they do? Who else do YOU consider an inspiring woman who embodies the values of our BDSM community?

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