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Daddy’s home( fictional erotica)


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Daddy returns home from work, still in his suit, to find me sitting in the living room waiting for him. I’m kneeling, hands laid on my lap, palms up. We make eye contact as he comes in the door and hold it as he slowly walks over to him. “All that teasing you’ve done, you knew exactly what to expect when I got home. Such a good girl.” He lets out a soft groan as he takes off his jacket and tosses it onto the couch. “As happy as I am to see you, you’ve been a very naughty girl and now it’s time for you to pay.” The once warm and cheerful look in his eye quickly became full of lust and hunger. I slightly flinch anticipating the night I have laid out before me. He chuckles “Nervous already? We haven’t even started.” He stands in front of me, towering over as he stares down at my naked, *** body. I feel my pussy begin to swell and throb, as I eagerly await his touch. He gently places his finger under my chin and turns it up to him. “Are you ready, darling?” I bite my lip and eagerly nod my head. “Yes Daddy. I’ve been waiting all day.” He takes me by the hand and leads me to our play room. He takes me to a wooden chair with a hole in the seat, in the far corner of the room. He sits me down and begins tying me to the chair, hands behind my back, then applies a blindfold and gag. Once secured, he takes a few steps back and starts slowly unbuttoning the top few buttons of his shirt, then rolls up his sleeves. He quickly pulls off his belt and yanks it causing a loud cracking sound. I let out a small squeal, not expecting the loud noise. He softly rubs the belt against my thighs and with a quick swat slaps each of them. My body tightens from the sudden sting radiating through my legs. “Do you know how many naughty photos you sent Daddy today?” I slowly shake my head no as I quickly try to recount how many I had sent. “25. So you’ll be getting 25 swats on each leg and you’re going to count them like a good girl.” He removes the gag, trailing a string of saliva from my mouth. “Do you understand?” “Yes Daddy I understand.” He readies his belt and without warning, slaps my thighs. I let out a soft whimper “I said count slut!” His voice getting stern and impatient. I begin counting with each slap, 1..2..3… I feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter with every slap. …25 my legs are trembling at this point but all I can feel is utter bliss to be pleasing Daddy. He pulls off my blindfold and my eyes finally meet his again. We stare at each other for a moment with lust and gratitude in our eyes. “ You did so good baby girl, now it’s time for a reward.” He walks over to my toy box and pulls out a vibrator wand. He comes back and crouches next to me, then places the wand through the hole of the chair and onto my clit. He turns the vibrator on low and starts to slowly moves it in a circular motion. As he moves it faster and with more pressure, I feel my body getting warm and tingly as I creep towards climax. He removes the wand and says “Now you have to tell Daddy when you’re about to cum. No expectations.” “Yes Daddy.” “Good girl.” He places the wand back on my clit but sets it to medium this time. This time he just applies consistent pressure with the wand against my clit. As this is the sure fire way to make me cum in less than 60 seconds, I begin squirming and biting my lip as I try to fight of the ecstasy that is quickly consuming me. I let out a whinny “I’m going to cum Daddy.” He quickly takes away the vibrator and grabs my face sinking his fingers into the hollows of my cheeks. “You a such a pathetic little slut, you know that? Acting like such a cocky tease all day and now look at you, nothing but a desperate cunt. I know how badly you want to cum, so be a good whore and beg. ” He places the wand back on my clit and sets it to high. Already feeling myself getting inches from climax, I desperately begin to beg. “ Please Daddy let me cum. It feels so good, I don’t know how much more I can take.“ I uncontrollably begin to whimper and moan. “Please Daddy, please let me cum” I begin reaching climax. “I’m cumming Daddy! I’m cumming!” He snatches away the vibrator, leaving me unfinished and aching for more. “Oh you stupid slut, did you really think I was going to let you cum? No, this is a punishment. Remember, darling? But because you did such a good job earlier, Daddy is going to let you watch him. Okay, babygirl?” I smile and nod my head. He stands in front of me and unbuttons his pants, slowly taking out his hard, throbbing cock. He starts stroking it inches from my face, bring himself closer and closer to climax. I notice the muscles in his arms and chest begin to tense. Knowing exactly what that meant I straight up the best I could in my chair and open my mouth, letting my tongue fall out as I eagerly await his sweet cum. He throws his head back and lets out loud ecstasy filled moans as he releases strings of cum all over my face and breasts. I savor the cum that landed on my tongue and slowly swallow as I feel the rest cascade down my body. Our eyes meet again, both filled with absolute bliss. “You’re are such a good slut for Daddy. And my, aren’t you just gorgeous covered in my cum. As beautiful as you look darling, it’s time to get cleaned up.” He gently unties me and carries me to our bed. He lays me down and says “ okay little one, I want you to lay here and reflect on everything we just did while I go run our bath.” I smile and nod then curl up and start meticulously going over our scene in my head. Before long he comes back, scoops me up and places me into the warm bubble bath. He undresses and climbs in behind me, pulling my body behind his legs. He carefully takes a cloth and starts washing his cum off my cheeks and chest. “ You did so good today, darling. If you’re good tomorrow, Daddy might actually fuck you.” A huge grin covers my face as I say “Oh yes, please Daddy! I promise I’ll be a good girl.” “That’s my girl.”
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