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First session - a story long in the making


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Hello community!

My first post here on fetish.com

I registered with the purpose of sharing this, because I feel I'll benefit (somehow) from putting it out there and maybe get some constructive feedback.

Long story short, the day before yesterday I finally took part in a D/s dynamic, after almost two decades of waiting.

What the hell does that mean? Well, I've had an interest in what then turned out to be BDSM since early teenage years. As I grew up in a relatively rural community I didn't really have the possibility of doing much experimentation, until I met the girl who is now my wife, who was the first willing to try things like ropes, handcuffs, blindfolds and all that.

Light stuff, very light stuff.

She is not into pain, definitely not into degradation and she has a strong character. Oh boy, she sure does. 

I love her to bits and I accepted our differences. 


About two year ago we started talking again about BDSM, I really wanted to explore and try out those things that I have been dreaming for years. Despite several unsuccessful attempts, this time (maybe for pity?) she accepted to go back to square one and try ropes again. This time, being wiser than I was 10 years ago, I did it properly, and we attended some shibari classes.

At the same time something  was changing in our way of having sex, becoming more rough and then introducing again some bondage. This time real, nice shibari, not the cheap plastic handcuffs that we had used in the past.

During one of these light sessions I squeezed her nipples (I love teasing them) and  later on she confessed that even if she was claiming to be absolutely against any form of pain...she kinda liked that. And it turns out she likes the idea of being chocked as well!

This was about a month ago. I felt it was my chance. She basically was asking for it. And, oh boy, I was NOT ready. I mean, we've been together for a loooong time, it's hard to set up the right mood with a person you shared so much with.

But the day before yesterday, somehow, it clicked. This time there was a LOT of nipple squeezing and there is not telling the feeling of seeing her mouth wide open as if she wanted to scream from pain as I twisted them. And the best was that I could see she was enjoying it, maybe even more than me.

The biggest surprise though, after some flogging and  a good deal of facefucking and balls licking, was that at the end of the session she started kissing my legs, gradually going down until kissing my feet.

That was so unexpected. 

I have barely even dreamed of that! It was such a powerful sign of submission! And after that she was so ecstatic. We took a fair amount of time to "recover" and go back to our own selves and she stated out loud that it was the best sex we've ever had. After over 10 years together. How about that!

So now...let's see where we go from here. I'd like to introduce new elements of course but I don't want to rush into anything. I won't go as far as saying I'm nervous, but surely I don't want to screw it up :)


I'm so very happy for you both!!! I can actually feel the excitement and the relief of all that pent up frustration come pit in what I've read. Huge congrats and....welcome to Fetish 😊
Awesome story buddy. Keep up the good work... p.s. I like the idea of being kissed down the legs....

Thank you :)

Yes, it was liberating, I should say.


Having my feet kissed, although briefly, was very very powerful. I've never been into that, but I can clearly see it becoming a huge favourite of mine!

Now, what comes next...well, I was surprised how much she enjoyed pain but remains to be seen what her immediate limits are. I will explore with flogging and spanking. I will like to use a cane on her but we are talking about advanced level of pain. Of course I can always use it lightly, nothing wrong with that :)



that sounds great - do enjoy the roller-coaster form here.

do appreciate a point 5 year in the future where you do something and say to each other "did you ever think we'd do this?"

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