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What's your story?

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Curious to find out from you what was the experience that either initiated you into the BDSM scene or left the deepest impression (no pun intended) on your BDSM experience. Please share! :)


To really gloss my story.

It began 2001. 

Me texting a friend "Are you coming to Trillians (local rock bar) on Thursday for the gig?"

My friend "Yes, but won't stay for the club as we're going to Tension."

"What's that?"
"It's a fetish club"
"Can I come?"



Personally I have a deep rooted psychology that makes me submissive to other men. I find this in all walks of life. I got into the sexual side of it as a teenager when certain older men used to come onto me, and I loved it. Some men are real alpha-males and they need to dominate. Some of us, quite usefully I suppose, have the submissive wiring that makes us want to service the alphas! Since my late 20s / early 30s I've looked for environments where this Dom/sub dynamic can be lived out. Today there are more opportunities than ever before so it's heaven!! (Sorry bit long reply 🙄)
Knowing I was already like this but watching the film Personal Services as a teenager made me think ‘I’d love to run a place like that’ Introducing mild bdsm into the bedroom then buying pvc clothing from a place who invited us to a club they ran....my first fetish club experience, loved it & it all went crazy after that.

I’d always been one to try and introduce new experiences to the bedroom and knew deep down I wanted something “more”. Then I “met” a guy on an online dating app... bit of flirting and inadvertently started talking of spanking and tentatively he brought BDSM in to my life. Our first date involved him sparking me until my backside was bruised for a week.... I was hooked!!! 


I was around 21 and had been desperately trying to break into a world I knew existed but hadn't found. Got talking with a femdom couple from America in a chatroom one night and became close with them. Few months later went to visit and was blown away by how they lived their lives, it was nothing at all like I'd seen in erotica and magazines and just felt so natural and right.

Would spend most days just chatting, drinking too much coffee and smoking too many cigarettes. I remember one afternoon though she beckoned me down into the basement and asked if I wanted to try anything. I felt so vulnerable and exposed strapped over a bench, reacting to her administrations and a deep sense of joy when she exclaimed "You're purring!"

Experienced subspace that afternoon for the first time. Had no idea what it was, just began passing out and next thing I know I'm untied and cuddled on a bean bag with both of them just there being with me.

Every time I hear the music that was playing at the time I'm vividly right back in that room, even though it was over 12 years ago now!

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