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**TW** Bedtime Story: Finding Courage in Captivity


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**Trigger Warning**: This story contains themes of abduction, captivity, and emotional manipulation.

Opening: As the sun began to set over the kingdom of Eramus Servientes, a young princess named Savva found herself in a position she never thought possible.

She had been lured away from her home by the promise of knowledge and wisdom, only to find herself trapped in a dark and ominous temple.

Her captor, a cruel and sadistic beast, took delight in her *** and suffering, subjecting her to physical and emotional ***.

But little did she know, his actions were not motivated by malice, but rather a desire to protect her.

Follow along on Savva's journey as she learns the truth about her captor's intentions and discovers the strength within herself to face her enemies.



Once upon a time, in the faraway kingdom of Eramus Servientes, there lived a young, small, and exceptionally beautiful princess named Savva.

Her kind heart and innocence were known to all in the kingdom, and people adored her for it.

However, her life took a drastic turn when she was lured to a power temple by a Primal Beast who promised her knowledge and wisdom.

Once inside the temple, she found herself trapped and held captive against her will. She had fallen prey to the Primal Beast's deceitful ploy.

At first, the captor's cruelty knew no bounds. He relished in the power he held over the young princess, delighting in her *** and ***ness.

He would taunt her mercilessly, using psychological manipulation to break her spirit and make her submit to his will.

He would often withhold food and water from her for days on end, only relenting when she was on the brink of collapse.

He would *** her to endure long periods of physical exercise until her muscles ached and her bones screamed in protest.

He would subject her to brutal and ***ful punishments for the slightest infraction, leaving her bruised and battered.

The Primal Beast would also play mind games with the princess, making her doubt her own sanity.

He would tell her lies about her family and friends, making her believe that they had abandoned her and that she was all alone in the world.

He would use her deepest ***s against her, conjuring up terrifying hallucinations and forcing her to confront them.

Savva felt trapped and ***, and she believed that her captor was the embodiment of evil.

She was convinced that he would never release her, and that she would die in captivity.

Her only hope was to escape, but every attempt she made was met with swift and brutal punishment.

It wasn't until much later that the princess learned the truth about her captor's motivations.

She discovered that he had taken her captive not to harm her, but to protect her from a world that sought to render her worthless.

He had been tasked with training her and preparing her for the battles that lay ahead, and his cruelty was all part of his plan to toughen her up and make her resilient.

The princess was initially shocked and angry at this revelation.

She couldn't understand why her captor had gone to such lengths to prepare her for battles instead of simply telling her the truth.

But over time, she came to realize that his methods were necessary for her growth and development.

She began to see her captor in a new light, and she understood that everything he had done was out of love and duty.

In the end, Savva realized that the Primal Beast had been more of a father figure to her than a captor and made the difficult decision to stay with him.

She knew that her training would continue, and she would one day face her enemy, but for now, she was content to stay in the temple and submit to the Primal Beast's domination.

Years later, when the princess had come into her own and was ready to face her enemies, she finally understood the sacrifice her captor had made for her.

He had given up everything to keep her safe, and she would always be grateful for his love and protection.

As little Savva emerged victorious, she knew that the Primal Beast's teachings and guidance had played a crucial role in her success, and the little submissive princess would always cherish the time spent together with her Dominant.

Brilliant twist in concept. Your story actually shows me a deeper moral meaning to BDSM. A good Dominant’s mission would be to empower the submissive.
It reminds me of how my Goddess applying BDSM has improved my confidence and made me kinder and more aware of others.
She is a lovely person and a closely bonded friend, in spite of me still really getting nervous when she has that certain laugh or smile. She is an excellent sadist.
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Total twist is that in believing that amount of *** was done because he loved and wanted to prepare her was also a munipilation because truth be told the joke was on her always had been on her. All she won was a broken heart. So unrealistic silly girl. 

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