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#WCW | Inspiring Women in the Sextech Scene


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There are lots of inspirational women out there, but for this year's International Women's Day, I've selected just a few from the Sextech industry to share with you in the forum: Calandra Balfour, Stephanie Alys and Cindy Gallop have one thing in common, all three are an excellent example of female entrepreneurship and a reference for sex-positive women in the UK and beyond.


#WCW | Inspiring Women in the Sextech Scene featured by Fetish.com


Calandra has over ten years' experience working for the physical and online stores Lust and Taboo, and she's about to launch her new project LoveGivr, a sex-positive e-commerce and social media platform, which I'm sure will serve a lot of kinksters like us out there! 

Lucinda "Cindy" Lee Gallop is a brand and business innovator. Besides her work in advertising, she has founded companies like IfWeRanTheWorld and MakeLoveNotPorn, which is the world's first social sex video-sharing platform - socialising and normalising sex one upload at a time.

Stephanie Alys is a multitalented sextech expert, keynote speaker, podcast host and the founder of MysteryVibe, which is an award-winning manufacturer of beautiful, innovative adult sex toys like Crescendo, the world's first body-adaptable smart vibrator.


What do you think about them and the work they do? Who else do YOU consider an inspiring woman who embodies the values of our BDSM community?

Never heard of any of them. Maybe when this site starts attracting some genuine UK lifestyle Mistresses we might have something to celebrate
Cindy Gallop's MakeLoveNotPorn is so good. And I really wanna try MysteryVibe!
Calandra Balfour is awesome.. and I can't wait to see how LoveGivr goes...
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