From pits and nips to jocks and water sports, there’s no shortage of kinks and fetishes that guys like to indulge in the gay BDSM scene. Check out our top 10 list of gay kinks and fetishes, find out if yours made it in...

gay fetishes. leather. close up of man's leather pants.

1. Popular gay fetishes: Leather

The all-powerful figure of the Leather Queen is as much a part of gay culture as poppers and euro pop. Boots, harnesses, jock straps and full uniforms – as extravagant as you desire. But be warned: leather is addictive!  The global leather community is vast. Significant events include Folsom Berlin or Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco – but you won’t have to look far to find something closer to home, wherever your gay BDSM scene is.

gay fetish rubber. man on floor with rubber outfit

2. Popular gay fetishes: Rubber

Like leather, rubber is all about the feel. If experimenting, start off small with a pair of briefs and then work your way up your slinky frame – full bodysuit included – to face mask, which is both sinister and sexy. You can get rampant with rubber in most major cities, but the biggest event of the gay BDSM scene is Mr International Rubber, which takes place in Chicago every November.

sportswear fetish, group of men in sportswear

3. Popular gay fetishes: Sportswear

Sweaty soccer players; raunchy rugger rogues; hot hockey hoes (well, maybe that one is more for the ladies…), but you get the idea. Many gay men’s first crushes were on the fierce wrestlers they saw on TV as a kid. Who hasn’t fantasized over the enormous bulge in a WWF jock strap?



Sportswear fetishes are as varied as your wildest fantasies. And better still, it’s inexpensive to get started. Someone out there is going to love the stench of those old Umbro shorts and that too-tight vest. Be as adventurous as you want. 


Underwear fetish, two men in gold breifs

4. Popular gay fetishes: Underwear

Briefs, Y-front, jockstraps and thongs come in every shape and size. Play to your assets and advertise your merchandise shamelessly. You’ll find underwear nights at almost every sex club around the world. Then, of course, there’s the fetid joy of used underwear. Scratch 'n' sniff is big business!

Gay fetish water sports. man urinating on socks

5. Popular gay fetishes: Water Sports

Piss stained pants are one thing – water sports is another level. It’s all centered around the term ‘Urolagnia’, which is mainly about being majorly turned on by urine, whether that be the smell or the feel of it.


The “golden shower” is the most common practice in this fetish, but why stop there? If you’re into humiliation, what better opportunity to channel all those schoolboy fears of wetting yourself in public? Control, helplessness, shame and a blissful sense of purging, water sports indeed runs the gamut of emotions.

gay fetishes mans foot

6. Popular gay fetishes: Feet

You use them every day without thinking. They keep you grounded. But that doesn’t mean that you should ignore them when you’re flat on your back gurning like Andy Murray coming in for a shot. Massaging, slapping, sniffing, licking, tickling – and, yes, of, course, fucking. The options are as endless and debauched as your dirty mind allows.


gay fetishes. man licking armpit

7. Popular gay fetishes: Armpits and Nipples

And any other part of your body which is an erogenous zone! Maschalagnia is the official term for getting horned up by the sight, smell and sensation of an armpit. Deodorant is for weddings, funerals and job interviews. The mighty musk of a man is what it’s all about.

What exactly is the function of male nipples? Like ‘what exactly is the appeal of Olivia Newton-John?’ It’s a question which has troubled all serious-thinkers since the dawn of time. Some gay men’s nipples are practically hot-wired to their dicks. Like succulent strawberries, they’re screaming for the harvest.

gay fetishes. man's buttocks

8. Popular gay fetishes: Spanking

Whip crack away! Spanking is one of the most popular fetishes there is. All you need to know is that the area where your perfectly honed bubble butt meets the rear of your thunderous thigh is a major erogenous zone. Apply pressure – hands, paddles, whips, even an old soup spoon – and it’s destination orgasm central.

gay fetish man in rope bondage

9. Popular gay fetishes: Rope

Rope equals restraint. And it’s here that we break through the fetish barrier and are bondage bound. Some guys’ fetish is firmly centred on the material of rope itself – be it the texture, the smell or childhood memories of yearning to be tied to the tent mast and royally rogered by your Scoutmaster.



Bondage, of course, can be carried out with any number of other materials: chord, leather cuffs, duct tape, even that hideous polka dot scarf aunt Mabel gave to you last Christmas. Be inventive – but always play safe.  Check out our guides for more on safety.

gay fetish BDSM and submission

10. Popular gay fetishes: Domination and submission

Or, to put it another way, the infamous acronym – and umbrella term - that is BDSM: bondage, domination, submission, sadism and masochism. And now for the great news: all of the above fetishes can be incorporated into BDSM. Balance your boundaries, throw in control and season with consent (and more than a little depravity) – and brace yourself for a whole new world.


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Images: Water Sports: Mark Thorpe. Rubber: istolethetv.  Armpit: Jens Karlsson. Flickr Creative Commons.


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