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What are you gay guys all into?

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This gay side of the board seems to be a bit on the quieter side… What are you guys all into?

Personally I am sub/bottom and like a soft dom to spank me gently and also I like posing for nude/erotic photos + more as I keep discovering more about myself =)

I love feeling useful.I  just love giving my body and my will to my partner.

But what I really love is being annoying, demanding and not easy to control, but still getting controlled :3

  • 1 month later...

I love the feeling that comes when I realize what is coming. My body becomes almost paralyzed, begins to tingle,especially my genitals and anus. At the same my mind begins to slip into my subspace, a sort of high. My will is extinguished, my control is usurped, and I become no longer human, I am a thing....NIRVANNA!!!!

  • 4 months later...
Being bi
I love when my mistress
Totally ties me up and makes me
Suck her cock
Then had a friend come in and both fuck me
  • 2 weeks later...

I so very much want to be fisted  !

  • 3 months later...
I am a masochist and am heavily aroused by pain. Inl

TPE 24/7 gay slavery is super exciting to me.  Being owned in that way feels very powerful.


Being peed on then fucked rough. 

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