On the 13th February, otherwise known as Anti-Valentine’s day, we’re celebrating. Fetish.com, the dark and devilish corner of the web that we call home sweet home, is turning two. We know lots of you have been with us from the very beginning; others are just starting to dabble your kinky feet - and as we mark our 2nd birthday, we want to say ‘thank you’ to all of you who have made Fetish.com your kinky home and contributed to our success. 


Fetish.com - Our kinky vision

Back in 2017, the site launched with a simple vision - to create the world’s most trusted Fetish and BDSM community. How? By demystifying and promoting alternative lifestyles as we go - providing a safe, sane and consensual home, and a user-friendly dating solution for kinksters and the kink-curious. But, as we’re sure you’ll agree, Fetish.com has become so much more than that.

There are now 600k registered kinksters in our worldwide, fetish family. On average, that number grows around 19k each month. How’s that for pickings? There’s ‘sub-one’ for everyone here.


new kinksters bdsm kink positive dating fetish dot com


Shaping the home of Fetish

Over the past two years, we’ve ‘decorated the dungeon’ together making this a kinktastic place of our own. Through providing thoughtful insights, helping us build the best list of kinks and fetishes, and playing in our treasure hunt to spread our BDSM roles and archetypes far and wide - all activities designed to help you match with other kinksters in the process. We even put together the perfect soundtrack to the fetish lifestyle by gathering everyone’s favourite songs in an exclusive playlist for kinksters by kinksters!



Remember the sex blogger’s competition we held too? There is some serious talent amongst us. What’s more, we recently introduced a new feature; kinky gifts. Now you’re able to send someone a cheeky little present that says, for example, ‘Bite me’. Talk about breaking the ice. Don’t trade in all your points at once - though they’re easy enough to accumulate again.


kinky gifts feature bdsm positive kink dating fetish dot com


Sharing your individual Fetish stories

In these past few weeks, we’ve asked you to tell us your naughty tales of fetish love, friendship and overall success on the site. We received hundreds of messages via email and some of you even shared your stories in the public fetish forum.


Our #kinktastic member @LilMonster told us:


“I currently have a play partner who I met on here he is showing me things that I didn't even think I could do and opening my eyes to kink and I've never felt more sexual and confident since meeting him! ... One thing that fetish is great for is the forum where you can ask questions and learn from other kinksters.”

We also have amazing tales such as this one by German kinkster @Sharyana:


“In 2017 I met my partner here. In the beginning we were just writing in the chat, then privately. At one point I even deleted my profile but when I came back he was still there. As was the intimacy. Our talks became more and more private. We started calling each other every day for hours. On 23.11.2017 he came to visit me. Back then I still lived in Switzerland. We spent five wonderful days together and when he went back home I was sure: I loved him. My sweetheart however wasn’t that sure at the beginning. But since 9.12.2017 we are in a relationship and since the end of July we live together in Brandenburg. Thank you for this site. Without you we’d have never met.”

However, our favourite success story has got to be from @Jed:


“We encourage all of you to enjoy your time here, and we wish all of you the best in your personal journey. We have had wonderful news to announce, we are expecting a wee baby come October so another step on our journey together all thanks to Fetish! Thanks Fetish.com.”

How amazing is that!

In the anonymous survey we ran up to our birthday, we received lots of interesting info that we’ll be sure to use to make the site better for all of us.

  • 24% of you said they had 'found what they were looking for' (yay!) and 21% said they found 'something they weren’t expecting' (even better!).

date kink positive dating bdsm fetish looking for

  • Over 60% of all members said they had joined Fetish.com to find real-life dates and if our success stories are anything to go by - we’re moving in the right direction!

kinkster real dates looking for kink positive fetish dating


The future of the Fetish community

There’s still a lot to be done, and we want you all to know how dedicated we are to making Fetish.com the best it can be, while breaking down taboos and promoting alternative lifestyles. There are some exciting times ahead; we’ll soon be launching an app, we'll be spreading the kink into new countries and languages, and will reveal lots of fresh, kinky ideas to keep you all entertained and involved in our fetish world domination!


Meet the Fetish team

You might not already know who works behind the scenes at Fetish.com, so we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the perverts who work to please you kinky lot.  @Katiefox, @JordiStar, @Leocadio, @MikeMidnight, @Sereena and @VictoriaBlisse form part of our Content, Community and Brand team, who sit within a larger group of hardworking people that include our FETMod volunteers (kinksters just like you), not forgetting our Customer Support and Development Teams who all work to keep everything running smoothly.


fetish dot com kink positive dating team

Community Managers @Katiefox and @JordiStar posing with the last photo challenge's print-outs.


So, we’re all ears! Feel free to send us insights into your experiences on the site and let us know if there’s anything at all we can do to help you on your journey into the fetish universe. Thanks to each and every one of you that makes up this massive fetish family. We’d be nothing without you. Here’s to many kinky years ahead!

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What is this! a love in for Fetish.com members? ...... actually it probably is
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Thanks for the mention folks...myself and Saphy are very thankful to the site for bringing us together❤
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Aw thank you for the quote and mention in the article 😁😁xx
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