Over the years sex blogging has risen in popularity - wonder why? So, to celebrate the creativity and imagination that goes into sex blogging, we asked members across our English and German-speaking communities to take part in a sex blog competition to showcase hidden talent.  Now, we expose the winners, their entries and ask a few kinky questions.


SHOW ME YOURS - and I'll show you MINE...

One of the great things about writing a sex blog is that anybody can do it. All you need is a computer, wifi, and a dirty imagination. Naturally, this means there’s plenty of stuff out there that doesn’t quite hit the spot for everyone, but for the reader, it can be like reading through someone’s naughty secret diary.  

We knew we had some talent amongst our ranks, so we decided to launch 'SHOW ME YOURS - and I'll show you MINE...' a sex blogging competition to get kinksters submitting (literally) their sex blog entries. Massive thank you to all those who participated - the entries were all #kinktastic!  Alongside our German sister site fetisch.de, we selected one winner from each language.  

Fetish.com Sex Blog Winner: Fimus with 'ALANNA'  

The English-language winner was the very talented kinkster Fimus with his crossdressing BDSM entry ‘Alanna.’  Check it out for yourself, it's full of suspense and really set our pulses racing - and read on for an interview with the author.

Read the winning sex blog 'alanna'

Fetisch.de Sex Bog Winner:  TomaszB with 'KINKY SECRET 3'

TomaszB's German language sex blog entry 'Kinky Secret 3 - Enslaved But Happy' tells the tale of an enslaved but happy young woman who escapes her boring and lonely life as a flight attendant to become a BDSM slave - which literally tied us down from the get-go.

For the German judges, Tomasz’ sex blog gave much more than just good entertainment. In fact, his sex blog series 'Kinky Secret' is a catalog full of passionate stories from world of BDSM. But how did a writing talent like Tomasz get into sex blogging? Well, from his own experiences of course! In his sex blog Tomasz mixes fantasies with real stories, but whether fictional or real, Tomasz’ sex blog definitely aroused our kinky fantasies.

Interview with sex blog winner, Fimus

As the winner on Fetish.com, we wanted to ask Fimus a few questions about his creative process and, of course, squeezed some kinky secrets out of him too.

Your erotic short story is great. Where did you get your inspiration from?

I spent a couple of days just thinking about it, drawing on fantasies, experiences and some vicarious experience to get the basics of the story. The scientist in me is a researcher and, over the years, I have collected a lot of information about kinks, which helped fill in the gaps in my own experience – there are even some parts that were helped by posts on Fetish.com!

I found that writing the story was quite an intensely erotic thing for me. Having already thought through the details, the writing was relatively quick and I greatly enjoyed finding the little embellishments that round off a story like this. I enjoyed it so much that I submitted another two stories and I plan to write a lot more.

So, you’re an active member on Fetish.com - what’s your kink?

I am a crossdresser, and I am pansexual. I am also very much submissive – my primary kink is having control taken from me, especially using ‘psychological’ tools, such as being ‘forced’ to wear ‘girly’ clothing or nappies or being peed on, being always used for sex instead of getting what I might want. But also varying degrees of restraint and other more ‘obvious’ control methods. When properly dressed, I find the clothes almost transform my personality, and I really become a very passionate slut in the bedroom, eager only to please.

How important is it for you to be part of an online kink community like Fetish.com?

For any group that is "marginalised" having somewhere to go to be amongst friends is important - if only to affirm that they are actually "normal." But Fetish.com, I have found in my relatively short time on here, is also filled with useful tips and advice.

I spend time on ‘normal’ dating sites and frequently come across people who clearly have kinks and are trying desperately to find like-minded others. I almost always recommend they come to Fetish.com - especially the younger ones, who are clearly in need of help and the cautionary advice that is on offer. I would hate to see them get hurt because they “want to try everything” when they have actually tried next-to-nothing.

Is there anything else you'd like to say to Fetish.com members?

I am single and open to offers ;)

Did you enjoy the winning sex blog?  If you're a sex blogger or budding writer, join us and find other kinky scribblers! 

Talk about your sex blog on fetish.com

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nice work :)
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Would genuinely love to read a full story on this! Great job!

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Great read Fimus
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Well done @Fimus such a fantastic captivating read 😊
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Genuinely honoured to have won this (so much so I am telling people all about it that had no idea I am into this stuff!), but I am convinced that there is the potential for better out there. I encourage you all to get writing and the admins to think about running this competition again!
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