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D/s relationship with saphy

Personal details

Gender Man
Age 49
Status Not single
Body shape Average build
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Brown
Beard Full beard
Orientation Straight
Origin UK
Pubic Hair Shaved
Body hair Some hair
Zodiac signs Libra

About me

Interested in:

I’m looking for:


Honest trustworthy and caring...i take great pride in my appearance...i hv flair and a touch of daring to find that certain one!
Feel free to chat to me i wont bite ?
The ONE is found and completes me.
She completes me....the other half of me
And the bond we have is electric....intense....powerful.
She is lady my love ❤❤❤
We are together at last and the journey continues in our home which is Scotland.


Rope play and control methods such as bars...cuffs
Orgasm control and denial
Outdoor play
Fisting and stretching
Slave training gives you… is like an appetizing smorgasbord in North Ayrshire with lots of hot guys to meet up with. Have a look around first if you prefer to see who’s around, or if you know what you want, search by selecting the right category "Kinky Dating”. Nobody stays alone here for long! has tons going on!

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It's Anti-Valentine's and OUR SECOND BIRTHDAY. Read all about the trouble we've caused since 2017!
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Jed Thanks for the mention folks...myself and Saphy are very thankful to the site for bringing us together❤ Thanks for the mention folks...myself and Saphy are very thankful to the site for bringing us together❤
Likeserenaa, ChronicDemon, FreyaNikitaand 4 more… · 13.02.2019 18:15:24
icon-wio Jed wrote something in the forum
Scared to try again

Sorry to hear this and please please please take your time and have the utmost patience in your journey going forward. The advice from everyone here is sensible and from the heart.
I do hope you find your way forward.

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icon-wio Jed wrote something in the forum
Ok I give up

Dear Mr Shins,
Welcome to the site, you raise some interesting points but some of what you say seems pretty flawed. The site is coming up to its second birthday and as a member for most of that time(both as a free and paid member) I have watched the membership grow, now there will be a good Read more… majority of people who join will be here for a hook up/date etc and that's not all of what the site is about, but in the main many who join are lifestyle/community orientated, and their aim is to grow and develop in their own way with interaction with their peers, seeking advice, helping other members in the community and for many building a base of friendship not easily accessible in the "vanilla" world. Now each to his own an all that but what is about is diversity it's not weighted in any one direction but allows people the choice to evolve and educate themselves in many respects. The forum is a fab place for advice or problem solving, the chat rooms have 3 separate area's(general chat, bdsm, and kinks and fetishes, plus the ability to open your own room!) You have the choice to be a free member or for a nominal fee upgrade to a premium or VIP membership(standard across most dating platforms these days)
There is a real sense of kinship for many people who join here, and the level of diversity is backed up by the level of honesty and non-shaming that goes with it, how or what your about is your business, so long as it's deemed acceptable within the rules you come and go as you please. Add an appropriate photo, build a strong profile/bio and engage within the community and you might find yourself surprised by what you find....but starting on a negative basis is simply going to highlight you for all the wrong reasons and won't get you very far.
I hope we see more of you in the lobby, from reading this your well educated and informed and hopefully a great addition to the site.

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Submitting to a Dom doesn't absolve a sub of their responsibilities. There are some strict slave rules which need following. Find out what they are in the magazine.
Jed Great advice...👍👍👍 Great advice...👍👍👍
Like · 08.02.2019 17:41:35
icon-wio Jed wrote something in the forum

*good communicator
Just a few of the many facets a submissive should have, and many that a good D type will want to know about You!! Realising the faith and trust your about to offer your D without him challenging You on many of these aspects should Read more… flag up as a warning, don't allow them to concentrate solely on what they want/demand if they take none or very little interest in You...your gift of submission is a beautiful thing and needs to be given to the right person!
Your point on perfection should be one that you strive for naturally but don't let it be your stumbling block either, your growth will always continue on Your journey and Your D will and should encourage Your development. But never reach for perfection because quite frankly, it doesn't exist.
Every Dominant needs and requires someone to 'work' with....someone the Dominant can see potential within.
But ultimately, "what's for you won't go by you"....if you are true to yourself and you hold yourself with poise and etiquette....always being aware that you are in view and in the company of, ANY potential D type....then you can't go far wrong from there.
Remeber reach out to the community when your uncertain or need guidance, my learned friends BigPolly and eyesmblacksheep are some of the many wonderful people who have all taken the first step, and have a wealth of knowledge and advice that is always readily available.
I wish you well and blessed journey.

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Awwww thanks @BigPolly we are very excited ❤

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So here's a thing....many people join Fetish with the hope of finding their significant other, and some do, some don't and some just don't have the patience. Now I have been fortunate in my quest to have found the one, I joined Fetish at the back end of September 17, and initially my quest was to Read more… re-engage with the community that I had missed for sometime, I have made some really great friends along the way and watched the community grow, seen the site grow and I have found myself grow and develop too.
Now the hub of the site is the lobby, where many of you frequent, interact and learn from, but some of us have also found our significant other. I myself have found the 'one' I remember in January 18 entering the room and doing my usual round of greetings and happened to be greeted by a certain young lady named Saphy, as we all do I took the opportunity to read her profile, her interests and a good old look at her pics😈
The beauty of the profile when done correctly, can give you a very good idea of common interest, and also an opportunity to find common ground to converse from. At the start we spoke in the room, we shared stories, we interacted with others in the room, and then the odd cheeky whisper, an invaluable tool to use I may add!!!! The site setup afforded us the privacy we needed to build our relationship, Saphy is a font of knowledge, a lifestyle advocate, and held views very akin to mine, and after a month or so of chatting we passed the point of consideration and announced to the rest of the site our relationship. The relationship was built on trust, etiquette and a common ground, all gained using the medium of the site. We, like many had distance between us 450 miles to be exact, and the site has allowed that distance to become irrelevant, yes you all might say you can text email etc and we did, but the social element to our relationship has flourished through the use of the site. We have now passed a year together, I have moved the 450 miles to live with Saphy and our journey continues, but we both have Fetish to thank for this, if I can offer anyone a simple piece of advice, build a great profile/bio and utilise the whole of the site, be patient, interact accordingly and help build the community. Our choice of lifestyle is a beautiful one, were progressive, we challenge convention, and were stronger together, myself and Saphy can't thank the site enough for what we have achieved so far, we will be active in the community and help others grow and develop. We encourage all of you to enjoy your time here, and we wish all of you the best in your personal journey.
We have had wonderful news to annouce, we are expecting a wee baby come October so another step on our journey together all thanks to Fetish!!
Thanks ❤

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How to have an online D/s relationship

I have had the pleasure of an online dynamic which took me on a journey 450 miles....I would agree with most of you that the online experience cannot compare in anyway to pure physical contact, but like all good endings there has to be a beginning!!!
So how do you maintain online dynamics, well Read more… let's pull this apart a little, yes you may have found you significant other here or through some other medium, and after initial contact and consideration, formed a bond and started your journey together. At some point there will be an exchange maybe of phone details, which allows a more private opportunity thro messaging/video Chat, these moments will afford you both the opportunity to gain common knowledge, but more importantly regular communication as this really is the key to maintaining that special bond YOU have. It's then about momentum, using the insight you have to gain trust and take your journey to a point where an actual meet is possible. Now this won't be the case for everyone, distance can be the true leveller here, but there are ways to help, a simple request of a letter as frequently as you desire, daily tasks with evidential proof, checking in at regular intervals and having the patience and faith to allow for RL, as it's this element that can become a hurdle. RL cannot be avoided, so be patient with one another.
You must have faith and commitment to the journey, but above all take your Time!!!!!!

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icon-wio Jed wrote something in the forum
icon-wio Jed wrote something in the forum
Subs or Doms, who has the control?

I think my learned friends have all good points to make, ultimately the balance of power should always rest with the D, as your initial consideration phase completes itself and you lay out the foundations for your dynamic your at the point where both of you are at a balance. It's from this point Read more… onwards how you both determine your path, and at some point you will reach a tipping point of power exchange.
If you find yourself at this point you as the sub still have the ability to deny or comply, the very essence of what both D and s strive for in this power exchange is control but it's yours to give over and theirs to accept and maintain. For most out there it's finding a happy medium unless of course your in a 24/7 then there will be compromises and differences. The beauty of what We have in our community is the fact that each any everyone of us is different and with no rule of thumb it's upto You to decide your path.
I hope this helps but like I say it's Your choice and Yours alone.

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@SirPhileasFlogg you Sir are too kind, many thanks for your kind comments, and a big thank YOU for sharing your most eloquently put thoughts. As a community the more we become involved the stronger we are together, so it's testament to members such as yourself to offer your insight into the extra Read more… potential this site has the opportunity to realise.
Tips my hat to you Sir.

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The Secret of S/M

Excellent post Cade👍👍

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Well I joined in October 2017, and have made some fab friends along the way, I have had the pleasure of chatting to many of you on here, watching people grow and develop in their own diverse way, and it's that diversity that allows this site to flourish, as a community this site has more to offer Read more… than other so called offerings out there, and I for one am grateful for it.
I have been fortunate enough to have met @saphy in January 2017 on here, and we had many hurdles to face, yet this platform kept us together and allowed our journey to develop and grow.
Yes I agree with @Cade there is a big opportunity to progress the community element further, and see perceptions dismissed thro equality, diversity, education and set Fetish apart from the rest. It's pleasing to have such a depth of people with their own unique qualities in one place, let's see more people contribute in a progressive and thoughtful way, make this site the place to go not just to 'hang out' but to find their own space, their own level of development, to seek another or just simply a friend base, whichever suits I'm certain anyone joining will be met with a warm welcome and a community like no other.
Happy Birthday 🎂🍾🥂

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Schools of BDSM

@MrC hits the nail firmly and squarely on the head! You can spend a long time reading another's story that may or may not fit in with what you want/are/desire to become. In the end the "path" your on is purely defined by your own instincts and actions. There will be mistakes and triumphs but it's Read more… thro learning that you will grow and develop. Finding a mentor/mentors will help you and give you direction when your own compass is spinning round without definition. The community is at its best when it pulls together so never be afraid to ask for help.

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