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Cause chocolate covered strawberries would not be good advertisement in this setting.

I'd say actions speak loudest. Make things easier. If she's working that day, bring her a nice lunch. If she has housework that needs to be done, do something like dishes, sweep the floor, laundry (if you're the Dominant, this speaks even louder, because you've shown control and strength).

Food is a great gift, but plan ahead. If you're doing a heavy dinner date, kinky sex is probably not a good ending. On the other hand, hot kinky sex earlier in the day, finished by an awesome meal & maybe some Netflix & chill is a good idea.

The thing about toys like paddles and floggers is the subbie gets to squirm a bit if dining after playing.

Lingerie, corsets or club wear might be best gifts before a night out dancing, then maybe some hot play in bed.

And never forget how awesome desserts like cheesecake, chocolates, ice cream or a night cap like Irish cream or chocolate liquor are for wrapping up a hot night.

2 weeks before i have been looking for one the day of and now I am back to normal I really hate v day
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